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Spent my day off getting my wife’s TLX tint installed by Mind Yours Window Tinting in Moreno Valley. Nimo introduced me to them a month ago and he got my Elantra done there. I loved the tint so much that I drove an hour just to get this work done again. 

My wife’s new 2017 Acura TLX.

Nimo shouting out to the plug on IG.

While the tint was being done, we decided to go get some sushi at Asahi Sushi.

The last time I was here, Vinh Luong was still living in Riverside. Crazy how fast time passes..

Got back to Mind Yours Window Tinting and saw the awesome work they did for the TLX. That tint is so cool! I got limo tint in the rear and 20% in the front and even got the front window tinted.

Shout out to Manny for taking care of the TLX! Follow them @MindYoursWindowTinting on Instagram!


After I came home from Moreno Valley, I met up with Rodney and John at 102 Cafe for some boba.

Rodney recently started wrapping his Cressida to Avery Carmine Red and it looks fantastic for an unfinished job.

I wasn’t really prepared to do any shooting tonight, but we decided to mess around. I lit Rodney’s Cressida up with three iPhone flash lights. You can see it in the light streaks.

We decided to move to a brighter location, so we could actually get some usable photos.

Not sure why, but I really like the blues.

John’s Corvette has been looking extra good since he got a new hood and spoiler.

The mirrors of the Cressida were really bothering me..

So I told Rodney to wrap it before I continued shooting. Rodney is such a trooper.

Damn, it just got better. Now we just need that rear bumper on.

Generations apart, connected by one thing two idiots who decided to become friends with me.

Even though some of us got out of the car game, I’m glad some of us are still around doing cool shit.

Lady in red.

Proud to be an American.

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