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I’ve been itching to drive the SC around since the last time I took it to the IDL Design opening and coincidentally, Shavi happened to hit me up to check out this car meet by Street Slickers. The best part about this meet that it was just down the street from my house and it was Kups one of my favorite spots for italian ice cream.

There was a grip of S13s that showed up, all of them with their own unique styling.

A pair of clean S13 coupes with Enkei Rpf1s and Work Emotion D9R.

Shavi brought out the M30 for me to take it into 714 Tires tomorrow for an alignment. This thing is too ridiculous for me, it scrapes on everything.

This meet had a little bit of everything from VIP to off road trucks.

An old school Toyota Corona with a SR swap. Pretty awesome.

Itasha to off road.

Sweet 86, I’m digging the livery.

Hong’s S13 on Enekei RPF1s.

Boso style Nissan Maxima with a crazy tall exhaust.

Shavi approves of this exhaust.

Man I should’ve washed the SC before coming out.

Jun’s new Yaris and the reason why he’s selling his ISF.

Todd’s Passatt. Love the polka dot vinyl job. Shout out to Street Slickers for the stickers and I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!


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