Skyline Syndicate Launch Meet | Event Coverage

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 Skyline Syndicate is a brand for Skyline enthusiasts and fans of the GTR heritage. Skyline Syndicate decided to throw a car meet for their launch and because some of the members of the brand are good friends of ours, we came by to support and to check out some sweet Skylines.

As soon as we arrived, police officers were telling everyone what was illegal on their cars. All in good fun though.. I hope.

Triplets. It’s great that America can see more Skylines on the road.

Aggressive R35 on Advan GT wheels.

Old school beauty.

Lerry’s R32 GTR on TE-37s.


Jay’s S2000 on Volk RE30s and a drug deal going on his trunk.


Make sure you check out Skyline Syndicate if you’re in love with Skylines just as much as they are!


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