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Tokyo Night Meet | Event Coverage

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We decided that after TAS, we would go check out Joey’s meet in Akihabara. We had nothing to do and decided to hang out in Akihabara until the meet started.

Seeing otaku cars like this in Akihabara was very common.

Me and Abbitt decided to get some Ikinari steak and damn it was such a good choice.

Aged beef never sounded so good.

We started to see cars coming from the wood work headed to the meeting spot.

Wanted to test out the bokeh on the 55MM and damn the bokeh looks so good.

Abbitt got some mini Pablo cheesecakes and they were so good!

Dessert porn.

While waiting a Veilside FD with under glow pulled up right in front of us. Check out the photos I took here..


Cars were stuck outside the parking structure because they closed it down.

Surprisingly at 7:00PM there were already cars parked inside the structure.

I wish this NSX was outside and I caught it rolling in.

Caught up with Danh in the restrooms.

The homies over at Level One Japan.

Kazuki took at shinkansen just to meet us up tonight. HOODRATstuff reppin!

Joey decided to move the meet to another spot, but it ended up being shut down too because of the police. We didn’t have a car to go to the next spot, so we decided to go get trashed.

We went drinking with Yuya, Vinh’s new drinking buddy and we met up with Jason, Sparkle and our new friend Monica. Monica was travelling by herself and just randomly went up to us and asked if we spoke English and now we’re BFFs.

Thanks for the hospitality guys, it was a fun night!



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