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Late post as fuck, like last year late. These are some photos of my days during the fall season. Fall season means cold winds in SoCal and visitors from all over the world visiting because they were in the West Coast for SEMA. Koi had a friend visiting from Japan and decided to throw a little meet for his friend to see some USDM Japanese cars.


Rodney’s Cressida and my IS250, Weird that we’re not car pooling.


Wide classic Porsche on BBS RS and some thick tires.


Sang’s Cayman on Fifteen 52’s.


What a beauty. I wish I shot this with a steadier hand.


Super clean S13.


Sang the MY.IS troll.


Brian Cho’s S2000 with a sick Advan livery.


After the meet we met up with Nimo, Jason, Sparkle and Vu at Jimmy and Erik at Jade Phoenix Collective. Make sure you check them out here.. Jade Phoenix Collective.They always have the best of the best here and they sell HOODRATstuff lighters. We can’t ship lighters, so if you want one you’re gonna have to go here for them.


We went to Sparkle’s house to chill and check out how his S13 was doing.


Sparkle was going back to Taiwan for a couple of months, so we wont’ be seeing this car  for a while.

Have a safe trip back to Taiwan, we’ll miss you Sparkle!


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