Princess Choi’s Birthday | EMC Dinner

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We had a birthday dinner for Sara at EMC Seafood. As in Minh fashion, I came late and trolled her that I was at the LA one because she lived closer to that area.


Abbitt stretched the legs on his Porsche tonight.


Sara can drink six shots without barfing now. Meanwhile, I can only drink one.

EMC has some great seafood munchies.


I’ve taken more photos of Sara than anyone ever. Yup, even more than my family members…



Now kith.


Sara loves the cupcakes that Krstina and Julia got her.

So much that she that she rubbed it on her face.


Sara Choi in real life all the time.


AW Stickers delivers stickers in their company Porsche.


 Fuck Thieves tee still available on our online store! SHOP.ROYAL-ORIGIN.COM

I wanna wish the happiest of birthdays to my good friend Sara. Thank you for your years of friendship. I’m glad I have a friend that was down to fight Abbitt’s EX at Drai’s Night Club because you thought she was trying to fight me. Love ya and you need to show me around Hawaii soon fuck.

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