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Some food adventures for today, these are restaurants you must try when you’re in Orange County..DSC08167

Acai Bowl at Crave Cafe in Garden Grove.

Lots of fruits and lots of flavor.


Mushroom Pizza at Jinny’s Pizzeria.

Everything at Pig Pen Delicacy.


Pho at Sit Low Pho.


After the Food Adventure we met up with the guys at 7 Leaves.


Adam’s Benz pm Rotiform IND-T.

Late night HOODRATstuff.


The next day I came into work and surprise! My 35mm 1.4 came in and this was my first test shot.


Jason planning the next steps for his Jeep.


After work I took the wife to check out Anaheim Packing District.

We got garlic fries and poke from Pokinometry down the street.

We were still hungry so we gorged ourselves into some buns at Baos Hog.

Food is everything to me…


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