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 The best time to hang out with me is when you’re hungry. I am always eating and I rarely say no when a plan is made to go out to eat. We’ll be having a food adventure of my routine Saturdays…DSC00317

Breakfast at Aunt Yese’s Home Cooking, me and my wife shared this eggs benedict and hash browns. Basic, but extremely delicious.


Met up Hayle for lunch and caught her wearing the ‘Heritage’ dad hat available on our online store.

Royal Origin Online Store


Jon rocking the ‘Script’ snapback.


We met up at Mick’s Karma Bar for some of the best burgers money can buy. I got the Habanero Burger with bacon and eggs.


We sat out on the lawn chair and ate our meals like lavish people would do.


John having a difficult time eating without a table.


At night, I met up with Rodney, Vinh and Shavi for dinner. Rodney brought out his newly bought Cressida with a 1jz swap.


Fast for a grandma’s car.


Shavi decided to bring out the M30 to stretch it’s legs.


Shavi got stuck on the driveway and needed our help to move it. Check out that tire smoke in the back..



This thing needs wheels and to be lower asap.


We finally made it to our destination and ended the night on a good note with Raising Canes!

DSC00914 Days like these is the reason why I’m fat..


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