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 It feels like forever since I had a camera. I’m slowly going insane not being able to capture the things I’ve seen lately and the moments I won’t be able to remember. Going to car meets has been a drag since I’m usually active at a car meet. Food is less enjoyable now that I can’t relive eating it, when I’m editing food photos for The Food Adventurist. Life just sucks without a camera. Lucky for me I found some old photos in my memory card that I never edited and it sort of feels nice being able to catch up on some photos and actually take my time to edit it.


This was a shoot Sara planned for the United Royals ad. They wanted something like a USDM vs JDM and for that theme we got Sparkle’s Rocket Bunny S13 and Tristan’s CR S2000. For models, Sara got Amy, a imported Vietnamese girl to represent JDM and Sara a Hawaiian native, pidgin speaking Korean to represent USDM. The photo was looking a little boring without the United Royals ad, so I added a little something something…


Now this photo is poppin! We got DAB city in the background and a 7’1 pimp checking out Sara and Amy. So much action, so much wow.

  I think this was my last day with my Sony A7II before I shipped it out to Davin in Hawaii. I was so busy working at the booth at Formula Drift that I didn’t get a chance to go around that much to shoot. So, here are some photos in the Slammed Society area.


 Stay Simple Stay True. Thanks for the support!


  Arm’s IS300 with his new Elixir front bumper.

DSC03008Sweet Formula Red S2000 on white and gold Work Meisters from Super Kawaii Crew.  DSC03009Clean S13 coupe on what looks like to be Panasport 5 Spoke G7s. DSC03010  DSC03012

 S13 coupes are Panasports seemed to be trending.

DSC03013  DSC03014

Serial Nine coming all the way from Canada to show Southern California who are the real sedan kings.


 Jesus, all of their cars are so freaking sick.DSC03035


 Camber game is so strong on this LS400.

DSC03037  Yogi’s big red GS on Weds wheels.DSC03041

 Porsche Gang.


 After Formula Drift, we had our annual after dinner at Banana Bay which is probably the worst location to take our cars to. Here’s Angelo cheesin it because he didn’t drive his 350z to Banana Bay.

DSC03072  Calamari.DSC03073  Pad Thai Chicken.DSC03075The Crying Tiger. DSC03078  Aron doing it for the snappy snaps. You can also follow us on Snap Chat at ‘RoyalOriginBTS’.DSC03076  A must try and only available at this Thai restaurant is the Continental Fried Rice. Look at all of the amazing stuff you get all in one plate. DSC03079

The best moments in life are when I’m around my closest friends eating and sharing food. When you begin to strip down everything in life to the bare minimum, forgetting the cars, the money or anything materialistic, you will eventually realize moments like these are the reasons for living.


Cherish every moment, you never know when’s the last time you’ll see someone or place.

I just want to travel and see cool things. Follow me on Instagram and twitter @nguminh and @thefoodadventurist.

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