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I had the opportunity to attend EOS Showcase 2015 for the very first time this year. Just like going to any car show for the first time, you tend to expect the unexpected; however, having a show in Las Vegas is already expected to always be, for a lack of a better word, sinful. Well enough, after attending this non-profit-organization to help raise funds for student supplies in the campuses of South Las Vegas, it still never failed to be as sinful as anyone could expect. It was all located in a grass field at Veteran’s Memorial Park, in Boulder City, but I mean, come on, it is still Las Vegas grounds. It was one of the hottest events I’ve ever been to with 120+ degree heat waves, but when the sun set, the atmosphere became all GOOCHIE, and the guys from Lowballers, Low Motiv, VanKulture, and tons of other crews made sure the hospitality and the turnup remained trill af.

Tons of cool simple builds like this DC2 Integra. Fully stock with wheels and drop.

Jimmy the photo bomber always schoolin’ dem little boys on campus along with the rest of the VanKulture

Where in Cali or any other state do you see a beer pong table set up without security or the 5-0 getting all up in your face? – Only in the city of sin.

There’s Jimmy the photo bomber!

This brings me back to the Manila vibes of car modding.

There were all kinds of light shows going on. That’s a great thing about night shows!

“$lopps? Where are you? Can you hear me? The bottle is almost done,” hollers Jeremy and Joe!

Jeremy and his fresh kicks! Fun fact: the Lexus SC430 is ranked Top 3 Most Gay Driven Vehicles. #lovewins

It was a pleasure meeting Abdul and his clean E39 540i from StanceBMW. Crazy how long you follow someone on IG and then getting to finally meet them in person.

Meanwhile, at the Lowballers tent, there goes Gino and Vince just being bullies.

“Aron, you’re next,” seduces Gino. Aron without hesitating responds, “Give it all to me baby! I’m ready! I got this!”

AYYEEE! Low ‘N Slow Crew up in the heezy!

Anthony’s R32 Sedan baby! Chivas asked him as he posed next to his car, “How do you visit the drive-thrus by yourself?” Anthony responds, “In reverse, BITCH!” And this is the face Chivas made.

Team Mansu in the heezy my pimpen’!

Hi Drew! I didn’t see you there!

After polishing a couple Hennessy bottles and a few keg-stands from Gino and Vince, Aron’s horny side goes from 0-100 real quick. Tell him to pose for the camera – I dare you.

Oh yeah, here’s Lance and Tracey, just being cute and normal. Fuckin’ Aye-ron!

Meawhile, Lance brings all the boys to the yard with his NSX sittin’ on TE37 Super Laps.

Damn it Jimmy! You got me again! Lol.

This CD5 was an interesting sight! Pinoy pride pare ko!

Food trucks were on sight too! I wanted to try a gyro but baby-gurl over there lookin’ at me all suspect. I’ll come back later when I’m not too turnt. Lol. But at the same time, Dre is lookin’ at me like…

A nice group of friends just doing HOODRATstuff with one another.

This is Britt. She a HOODRAT. Buh-leeh-dat!

Chris flexin’ to catch Britt’s attention. He ended up getting arrested instead for possession of illegal weapons on his arms.

Kyle hates how brutal the sun beats on his skin. But when the sun comes down, then the Kyle comes out at night. Everybody loves when the Kyle comes out at night.

DJ Koshi stuntin’ around his Kosh-rocket. Come hop on fellas!

Oh Chivas, you just know how to stare the clothes off of anyone you look at. Stop it! Actually, never mind – I kinda like it.

My all time favorite car of the show was uncle Ray’s four-door Integra. There’s a lot more behind this car than just the bling-bling you see.

Friends and family from all over help put in some time and effort into this build. This car has been inspired through not just the owner, but everyone else he put his trust into. When it all comes to fruition, you realize what an amazing image you and your homies brought to life – like this Chivas_Sunkist-inspired valve cover, to note one of many examples.

When uncle Ray would get home from work, his homies start hacking up the car – to note another example, the custom trimmed and diffused rear-end. It just look gangster AF. Everyone sure loves uncle Ray – I do too!

Chivas and Aron posing in front of Aron’s laid-out Y50 M35s. The grass seems to be higher than Aron’s car, or the car is lower than the grass? I don’t know anymore. Fuck it, more Hennessy for Aron!

Congrats to Vince and his crew So Proper for winning Best Crew Representation of the show!

Joe, in his IS250, is still waiting for $lopps…still waiting…

Here’s Avelino’s TSX from Lower Klass…

…and here’s Avelino, Kyle, and Dre. Whatever else happened in Vegas that night will for sure stay in Vegas. So let us just wrap the coverage up here, shall we?

I just wanna thank the Lowballers fam for always providing us with the hospitality, love, and affection we need. Thank you Jay Lintao from Low Motiv for hosting a great event! Cheers to you bud for hosting yet another successful year of EOS Showcase for 2015. ‘Til next year!

-Celso Nimo

I am Celso Nimo.

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