Formula Drift Car Show Roll In | Long Beach

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This year felt a bit different at Formula Drift Long Beach, it’s usually the time of excitement to show off our new car builds, but this year we were on the other side of the Firestone bridge. For 2015, we decided to be vendors and only displaying a couple of our cars, but we were still able to catch the roll in for the show portion of Formula Drift. Nothing better than seeing a line of slammed cars roll into a show and it gets even better when the roll in is during golden hour for some crisp photos.

fdlb2015 053

Aired out Golf on Messer Wheels.
fdlb2015 060

Jon Tran’s Hyundai Genesis coupe looking fire on VIP Modulars.
fdlb2015 055

Buddha Concept’s RX-7 sitting pretty on some gold Panasports G7.

fdlb2015 062

The Fatlace MK7 face lifted with a Voomeran kit on Work Wheels CR2P.

fdlb2015 064

Nice Porsche bagged on BBS RS.

fdlb2015 066

European cars leading the line.

fdlb2015 069

fdlb2015 071

Entering the show in clean fashion, Dapper’s Audi A4 wagon

fdlb2015 072
fdlb2015 075

fdlb2015 077

Noel’s VARIS FRS late as usual, but still gets that VIP treatment.

fdlb2015 079

Following Noel’s FRS, Mark’s M5 with that Filipino time roll in.

fdlb2015 081

Sick RHD Subaru on Klutch Wheels.

fdlb2015 089

fdlb2015 085

Line full of fitment.

fdlb2015 087

fdlb2015 090

fdlb2015 132

fdlb2015 252

Sean Rosendahl the G35 Static King.

fdlb2015 250

Project Zero reppin San Diego.

fdlb2015 248

fdlb2015 247

fdlb2015 215

fdlb2015 221

fdlb2015 207

Boogie’s E46 with the new “Polizei” livery, always striving to be different.

fdlb2015 245

Big Boogie Butt.

fdlb2015 223

Honda CRZ slammed on Work VS-KFs.

fdlb2015 222

fdlb2015 218

fdlb2015 216

fdlb2015 211

fdlb2015 210

fdlb2015 204

fdlb2015 206

fdlb2015 202

fdlb2015 236

fdlb2015 195

fdlb2015 200

fdlb2015 199

fdlb2015 229

fdlb2015 234

fdlb2015 242

Low n Slow E90 bagged on Blitz wheels.

fdlb2015 238

fdlb2015 243

David and Mike praying for the basics.

fdlb2015 197

fdlb2015 194

fdlb2015 193

fdlb2015 192

fdlb2015 190

fdlb2015 189

fdlb2015 188

fdlb2015 186

fdlb2015 184

fdlb2015 182

fdlb2015 181

fdlb2015 170

The “Riberty Walk” Audi A4.

fdlb2015 176

fdlb2015 173

fdlb2015 166

fdlb2015 164

fdlb2015 163

fdlb2015 162

fdlb2015 160

fdlb2015 158

fdlb2015 156

fdlb2015 152

fdlb2015 147

fdlb2015 142

fdlb2015 141

fdlb2015 139

fdlb2015 137

fdlb2015 134

fdlb2015 258

Such crazy fitment on this FRS!

fdlb2015 263

fdlb2015 264

fdlb2015 265

fdlb2015 266

fdlb2015 267

fdlb2015 269

fdlb2015 271

fdlb2015 272

fdlb2015 274

fdlb2015 275

One of my passengers on my feels train, Jonny Ocean.

fdlb2015 276

So good. Can’t believe this was painted at home.

fdlb2015 277

fdlb2015 278

fdlb2015 280

fdlb2015 281

fdlb2015 284

fdlb2015 286

fdlb2015 287

fdlb2015 288

fdlb2015 290

fdlb2015 292

fdlb2015 294

fdlb2015 295

fdlb2015 298

fdlb2015 299

fdlb2015 302More photos in the gallery, stay tuned for the event coverage tomorrow!

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