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Starting a brand has it’s challenges, we’ve been working on making the HOODRATstuff brand stand on it’s own feet and have it’s own following. One of the challenges we’ve been working with is having a $0 budget when it comes to product shoots and doing look books. Not having a male model has been tough too, but thankfully we have friends that support us and are willing to model even though they’ve never modeled in their life. Shout out to the homie Edris for shooting with us. You don’t know how we do HOODRATstuff until you’ve been to a shoot with us.


Rookie model Edris with that fresh cut.


When the videographer and the model have nice hair.


4 camera guys 1 model.


I just did some experimenting with these photos some I really liked, but I wanted the whole photo shoot to be uniformed so these colors were not in the final set.



This random wood door made for a great back drop. Doing HOODRATstuff doesn’t always mean doing something ghetto it just means being creative and improvising.




Edris just recently bought a 1998 Mercedes S500 and man this was the perfect fit for our shoot. This car is seriously ahead of it’s time with the technology and design.


Check out the real set here..

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