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As some of you know, me and Vinh work for JDM Chemicals. JDM Chemicals is the main importer of Soft99 products from Japan. Soft99 knew we were coming and wanted us to come to their main headquarters in Tokyo for a brief demonstration of their new products and to check out the facility.  You can check that out here on the JDM Chemicals website..

jptrip2 872

After the tour, Orie and Toshi from Soft99 took us to Autobacs where they were looking up something to do after. We decided that going to an Owl Cafe would be a cool thing to experience.

jptrip2 907

What’s an Owl Cafe? It’s literally a cafe with a bunch of owls you can pet and hang out with.

jptrip2 901

They have a fuck load of owls here…

jptrip2 898

jptrip2 897

Someone said these owls have vaginas as their faces..

jptrip2 894

jptrip2 892

This one looked like an old grandpa that hasn’t had sex since his wife died and hates that Barrack Obama is president.

jptrip2 890

Orie super into the owls.

jptrip2 888

jptrip2 883
jptrip2 916

Pretty cool that you can let them kick it on your arm.

jptrip2 918

jptrip2 919

jptrip2 922

jptrip2 924

jptrip2 938

The pictures don’t really show it, but this owl was gigantic. Probably able to pick up babies and shit.

jptrip2 941

“Yeah I’ll rip your balls off if this rope was keeping me here”

jptrip2 946

jptrip2 949

This sleepy owl looked pretty cute.

jptrip2 951

But it had a sinister look to it like it was plotting everyone’s deaths in his head.

jptrip2 953

“Yeah, you first”

jptrip2 961

jptrip2 964

jptrip2 972

jptrip2 977

jptrip2 978

Afterwards, they give you a pretty neat photo of you with the owls. Definitely worth the $15. Most owl cafes are by appointment only, so make sure you go online and get an appointment.

jptrip2 981

Afterwards we got some bomb Japanese hot pot style food..

jptrip2 982

jptrip2 984


jptrip2 986

Potatoe, cheese and stuff.

jptrip2 880

Tried to do a cool long exposure train shot, but Orie couldn’t stop laughing.

jptrip2 643

Neel got it on point.. Afterwards, everyone went home because they were tired. Me and Neel went out to explore Tokyo Tower.

jptrip2 652

The pictures do not do this tower justice.

jptrip2 654

It is a fucking monster of a tower..

jptrip2 655

Fear of heights activated…

jptrip2 663

The view was worth getting over my fear of heights.

jptrip2 668

jptrip2 689

jptrip2 664

jptrip2 670

jptrip2 677

jptrip2 685

jptrip2 693

jptrip2 695

jptrip2 701

Sweets and beautiful views.

jptrip2 691

We were playing with this touch screen thing that gave you information on all of the buildings and see how it would look during the day.

jptrip2 702

We must find all the mutants.

jptrip2 704

Another glass floor..

jptrip2 705

Amazing what humans can do.

jptrip2 707


jptrip2 711

Outside the Shinjuku station, there were performers. Crazy how they weren’t doing it for the money but just to jam it out in the streets and maybe catch the attention of a producer.

jptrip2 712

I love the city lights and signs.

jptrip2 713


jptrip2 714

Going to end it with this beautiful kebab. Something that you must try when in Japan.


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