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Today we embarked on a journey to Tokyo Tower, for some reason this was one of the places I remembered very well how to get to. We didn’t even need Google Maps to get here. The last time I went here we went during the night, so it was cool to see how everything is during the day.

jptrip 517

On the way to Tokyo Tower, we passed by  the temple which was way busier than last time I was here.

jptrip 524

Training monkeys to do tricks is a common thing in Japan.

jptrip 523

This one knew how to jump over sticks and what not. Kinda sad actually, I wanted to cut the rope and let it run free.

jptrip 521

Heaven on wheels.

jptrip 522

Soft serve ice cream is so damn good here in Japan.

jptrip 529

Tokyo Tower.

jptrip 556

Last time I was here I didn’t go all the way up because I didn’t think it would be worth it, but this time we did and man the view was insane.

jptrip 555

You could see so far, it was ridiculous.

jptrip 553

Butt buddies Neel and Vinh.

jptrip 551

jptrip 546

jptrip 541

jptrip 539

jptrip 537

jptrip 532

jptrip 664

At night me and Vinh wanted to get some new face book profile pictures, so we went down some alleys and  did some hipster  shoots.

jptrip 663

“Maybe, I should hold my phone and make it look like it’s a candid photo?”

jptrip 670

Thirsty boyz.

jptrip 649

Make sure you try all the sodas in the vending machines! You never know what you’ll like.

jptrip 648

Vinh’s favorite.

jptrip 647

jptrip 644

jptrip 642

jptrip 633

This old guy was way too turnt.

jptrip 627

These subway handles are pretty cool looking.

jptrip 630

I will steal all of you.

jptrip 624

jptrip 621

Going around at night meant being squeezed into trains.

jptrip 620

Shibuya crossing by night.

jptrip 610

So many people!

jptrip 605

jptrip 603

This trip without Google maps would consist of us getting lost most of the time.

jptrip 596

jptrip 594

jptrip 593

jptrip 591

jptrip 590

This Starbucks has a nice second floor where you can drink your coffee and people watch.

jptrip 589

Tried to do some long exposure shots without a tripod. Didn’t come out so well..

jptrip 588

jptrip 572

jptrip 567

Shibuya I miss you.


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