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 While we were in Japan, Sara gave us a tip that we should go meet up with her friend Ty from Hectopascal in Osaka. Ty is someone to hit up if we wanted to go around Japan doing bad things. We woke up early and took the first bullet train to Osaka to see the south style of Japan.

jptrip 1191

Ty was cool enough to come pick us up in his shakotan S14.

jptrip 1190

That rear fitment is insane. I can’t believe we were going to try to fit 4 guys in this car..

jptrip2 005

Ty’s friend, Hiromitsu was nice enough to be the extra car to take us back to Ty’s shop.

jptrip2 009

A quick drive over some bridges in Ty’s car took us what felt like a minute to get to his shop.

jptrip2 016

Ty’s shop, Hectopascal stocks tons of cool State wide stuff from Hawaii to California.

jptrip2 011

You can see clothing brands such as Illest, Moral Fibers, JSPIRIT  and Inf4mation at his shop.

jptrip2 012

He also has his own shop brand of t -shirts.

jptrip2 028

Cool a play on Hawaii vehicle inspection stickers.

jptrip2 027

He even has the mounts to make it look legit on your car. I should’ve bought one when I had the chance.

jptrip2 026

Neel copped one for the LS400.

jptrip2 013

American soap brands, license plate frames and air fresheners.

jptrip2 014

jptrip2 015

Wondering how he got this Chevron light up sign and made it look cool.

jptrip2 017

This clothing stand setup is pretty sick. Hopefully, soon it’ll be our t-shirts on that stand.

jptrip2 032

Coilovers to display t-shirts?!

jptrip2 034

jptrip2 037

OG Illest rugs.

jptrip2 024

Parked in front an S13 on Work VSKFs just chilling.

jptrip2 018

jptrip2 007

Hiromitsu’s E36 is pretty damn clean and the fitment all around is perfect. Hiromitsu use to own the Minty Evo on Work Cr-Kai’s. Crazy I took a photo of it when I was in Japan last year at United Royals..×407.jpg

jptrip2 010

jptrip2 038


jptrip2 039

That rear fitment…. So good.

jptrip2 021

All dat ass.

jptrip2 040

jptrip2 020

Another day in Osaka. After doing some bad things, we departed from the awesome shop for Osaka Castle.

jptrip2 042

Majestic as fuck…

jptrip2 046

It was my first time seeing a castle like this or a castle at all actually. Made me want to go fight someone on the roofs crouching tiger hidden dragons style.

jptrip2 048

Definitely a place to check out when you’re in Japan.

jptrip2 061

jptrip2 057

For lunch, we stopped by a food truck festival where they sold a bunch of Japanese street food.

jptrip2 052

About a week in and we never had the chance to try some authentic takoyaki.

jptrip2 054

or an okonomiyaki. They were both delicious and we were craving both as soon as we left to the next destination.

jptrip2 069

As soon as we stopped at the next train stop, we found another takoyaki spot to eat at.

jptrip2 064

Vinh so mesmerized by the smell.

jptrip2 067

All for him.

jptrip2 070

The baes.

jptrip2 071

Some Japanese hipster facebook profile photos.

jptrip2 072

Emotionless when eating his favorite foods.

jptrip2 073


jptrip2 074

Let’s get lost.

jptrip2 077

I really wanted to check out this line of store, but they weren’t going to be opened for another two hours.

jptrip2 086

I love the city lights here in Japan.

jptrip2 089

I just want to make it to the top.

jptrip2 100

There were a large amount of cats for some reason in Osaka, but they seemed pretty chill.

jptrip2 101

“Feed me Takoyaki”

jptrip2 102

I live for these walks in the park.

jptrip2 110
jptrip2 113

Thanks Osaka for a memorable day. I will come back to you soon…





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