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There was a little bit of excitement for me on the way to Daikoku PA. All day Zee and Kevan said there were going to be a ton of people going to the meet. Literally, everyone they knew was coming out for this meet and when Kevan informed us that the lot was already full before we got to the meet, that shit blew my mind.  I’ve been to Daikoku before and it is huge.

jptrip 265

As soon as we found a parking spot, we immediately got to work and saw awesome cars. These NSX’s were parked on the side in the back looking fierce as hell.

jptrip 267

NSX x TE37 is a dream come true for Japanese car enthusiasts.

jptrip 269

Why are nice things so expensive?

jptrip 272

jptrip 273

jptrip 274

jptrip 275

jptrip 276

jptrip 277

jptrip 278

Jam packed with cool cars.

jptrip 279

jptrip 280

jptrip 281

Man that tuck on this Altezza.

jptrip 282

jptrip 284

Drift style GS.

jptrip 286

jptrip 288 jptrip 289

A plethora of Chasers were present at the meet. It was exciting to see cars that we normally don’t see in the states and they were all heavily modified.

jptrip 290

jptrip 291

New friend Koki’s Evo VIII riding extremely low and almost tucking half of the rim in the back. Crazy how this thing is static!

jptrip 292

jptrip 293

jptrip 294

Compton came to visit us in Japan.

jptrip 295

Wild style.

jptrip 296

jptrip 299

jptrip 301

jptrip 302

jptrip 303

jptrip 304

jptrip 306

jptrip 308

jptrip 311

jptrip 312

jptrip 313

The static VIP game here is so ill.

jptrip 314

jptrip 315

jptrip 316

jptrip 317

jptrip 319

jptrip 320

jptrip 322

jptrip 323

jptrip 325

jptrip 326

jptrip 330

Civics done right.

jptrip 332

jptrip 335

jptrip 336

jptrip 337

jptrip 338

jptrip 342

jptrip 346

jptrip 347

jptrip 349

jptrip 350

jptrip 351

jptrip 354

jptrip 356

jptrip 357

It was tough finding parking for people who came a little late. Our friend Jon Poff said it’s been a while since he had to wait on the freeway ramp to get into Daikoku.

jptrip 358

This van provided music for everyone with classic American tunes like Britney Spears and Green Day.

jptrip 377

jptrip 359

jptrip 361

jptrip 362

jptrip 366

jptrip 367

jptrip 371

jptrip 373

jptrip 374

So freaking pristine.

jptrip 375

jptrip 379 jptrip 382

jptrip 383

jptrip 384

jptrip 387

jptrip 388

jptrip 393

jptrip 395

Finally got to see some sick Soarers. Everytime I visit Japan, it always gives me motivation to go home and work on my own cars.

jptrip 396

jptrip 398

jptrip 401

jptrip 402

jptrip 404

jptrip 406

jptrip 408

Crazy to see old folks that could be the same age as my parents at our meet driving awesome cars.

jptrip 411

jptrip 412

jptrip 414

jptrip 416

jptrip 417

jptrip 418

jptrip 420

jptrip 423

How is this even static?..

jptrip 427

The lot was too full and started to cause tons of traffic. The cops ended up kicking everyone out.

jptrip 435


jptrip 451

At least they were somewhat nice about it and helped guide everyone out of the lot.

jptrip 441

Except one of the cops got into Brendan’s face trying to kick him out while we were waiting for our driver to come.

jptrip 431

These guys roll so hard.

jptrip 439

jptrip 444

jptrip 446

jptrip 448

jptrip 450

jptrip 455

jptrip 456

jptrip 457

jptrip 460

jptrip 465

jptrip 469

jptrip 473

jptrip 475

jptrip 477

jptrip 478

jptrip 479

It was great to see Colin’s Miata out at the meet. Crazy how I met him at a small meet Zee took us last year and now we’re here again at another parking area meet. Colin’s photography for DOHC Research has been an inspiration of mine since I discovered it. Thanks for the tips on how to be an awesome photographer Colin!

jptrip 482

jptrip 484

After finding Zee, most of the cars split into two spots for a back up car meet. Crazy how we shut down Daikoku PA in an hour and now have to find a back up spot for the meet.

There was one spot where most of the expensive cars were headed to and there was one under Yokohoma Bay. We decided to go to Yokohoma bay because it would in a cool underground parking structure which will be in the next post.


As always there are more photos in the gallery.

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