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 Aloha, today we got some coverage of the meet we had for Sara Choi from Race Sauce/VPR Hawaii. Crazy how being a Korean pop star Instagram famous gangster can bring together, so many people for a car meet.  People from Las Vegas to San Jose came to the meet just to get a glimpse of the girl who drives a yellow CR S2000 in Hawaii. When we arrived to the meet, there were already a good amount of people who came early to get a good spot in the parking lot. Needless to say the parking lot was already filled on the M&M side of the meet in 20 minutes.

alohameet 015

Jerald with his milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard. Watch out for his RSX build, it should be “cray”.

alohameet 017

The star of the show, Sara. She makes that cup look really heavy.

alohameet 018

 Pure VIP coming early for some prime spots.

alohameet 020

 Johnne’s E60 drapped in the Pure VIP banner.

alohameet 046

alohameet 021

alohameet 025

Love seeing NSXs stock or heavily modified.

alohameet 032

alohameet 031

alohameet 029

People were rolling into the meet all night, it was awesome to see the flow of cars rushing into the parking lot.

alohameet 027

alohameet 034

Boss Company.

alohameet 039

alohameet 036

I always get a pretty good photo of Nabeel’s FRS whenever I see it.

alohameet 035

alohameet 048

alohameet 047

alohameet 050

alohameet 051

Reppin’ all the homies. I love it.

alohameet 052

alohameet 053

alohameet 054

alohameet 055

I purposely took this photo, so it wouldn’t show his stock front wheels. Kinda useless now that I told you he has stocks up front..

alohameet 058

Black line up of VIP cars. This is some Yakuza shit.

alohameet 059

San Diego peeps rolling into the meet. Crazy how they’re dealing with some dangerous wildfires and fornados(fire + tornado). It’s so crazy down there that they invented the word fornado. Glad to know that they are safe.

alohameet 062

The booginator.

alohameet 067

The Arminator.

alohameet 070

Not sure if she was taking a photo or finding the right lighting for the perfect selfie.

alohameet 073

alohameet 066

alohameet 074

The craziest thing at the meet..

alohameet 072

Just kidding, this was the craziest thing at the meet. Someone towed their car to the meet and drove it off the trailer to drive around the parking lot.

alohameet 078

alohameet 079

alohameet 083

alohameet 081

Nate and Brendan rolling up to the meet.

alohameet 082

alohameet 077

alohameet 092

This meet had more than the usual amount of S2000s. #cuzofsara

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alohameet 086

alohameet 150

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alohameet 076

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alohameet 095

alohameet 199

alohameet 113

alohameet 097

Fitment is so sick.

alohameet 102

RSX community seemed unified tonight.

alohameet 088

alohameet 100

alohameet 089

alohameet 104

alohameet 107

How you should roll up to a meet.

alohameet 105

LS Gang showed up that night too. Seemed like everyone was grouping up.

alohameet 157

alohameet 167

alohameet 115

Keith showing up fashionably late.

alohameet 117

alohameet 120

So many people..

alohameet 237

alohameet 226

alohameet 138

alohameet 140

Kawaii Kentaro.

alohameet 183

alohameet 141

alohameet 142

alohameet 144

 Allen’s IS300.

alohameet 146

 Andy’s Toyota Camry.

alohameet 147

 This guy posted a photo on Instagram saying how one of the only crew stickers he would put on his car would be a Royal Origin one. Thank you for that post, it touched every member of Royal Origin. We honestly think your car is cool as fuck and way better than Jimmy’s.

alohameet 148

 If I had a Miata…

alohameet 152

alohameet 153

alohameet 154

alohameet 163


Angelo is always running on Filipino time.

alohameet 165

alohameet 169

alohameet 172

alohameet 174

alohameet 177

 This Camry is fucking nuts.

alohameet 192

alohameet 195

alohameet 197

 Another Filipino late.

alohameet 201
alohameet 203

alohameet 200

 Kawaii gang sign.

alohameet 205

 All night people were holding this plastic bag up to their face. So weird.

alohameet 189

alohameet 178

 Australian GQ model Jay Tien.

alohameet 130

 Ryan Gold is slowing turning into Santa Claus but he gives away car parts. Hit up his shop R&R motor works for anything automotive related.

alohameet 131

Vu is serious about being serious.

alohameet 129

 Random mantis flew onto Henry’s shirt.

alohameet 040

 Tina and Sara posing for photos in bad lighting.

alohameet 134

 Brendan most likely talking about turbos and stock body car stuff.

alohameet 235

 Sutra OC model Phat.

alohameet 208

 Angelo probably telling me to drive lower and me about to back hand smack him.

alohameet 209

alohameet 232

alohameet 210

Where it all started.

alohameet 218

 More still cars rolling in.

alohameet 231

alohameet 221

alohameet 222

 Jordan’s IS300 looks so much cooler now that it’s on air bags.

alohameet 223

alohameet 224

alohameet 238

alohameet 122

 Nimo’s “she got a booty” face. This face usually occurs when you ask “does she got a booty?”

alohameet 123

Chris Foreman. I’ve seen him grow from that 17 year old boy getting stuck over speed bumps at Oakley to this drifting, wheel flipper, cock sucking man right here. I remember I was there for his 18th birthday when we were at some parking structure at UCI. I made a lame joke saying it was his 18×13 birthday because he was running 18×13, wheels which was probably the widest on a 350z at the time. He went from that being who’s lower pissing contest to let’s just enjoy cars attitude and don’t give a fuck what others say. Well the last part he’s always been like that and that’s my favorite part about him. I hope you success and happiness in Tennessee. We’re going to all miss you and your stupid 350z.

alohameet 124

Neel Nana. You were my first Indian friend and you perpetuated all the stereo types of how Apu from the Simpsons would talk. It was awesome the shit you would say like ” I gotta piss like a rock star”,  “fuck that” or the classic “hoooddrraaaaaatt”.  Not that many people know, but Neel is the mother fucking master of TFTI. You weren’t anywhere important or cool if Neel didn’t say TFTI back then. Now I really can’t invite you anywhere because you’re moving to Las Vegas. Make sure you throw the TFTIs at the Chivas and Gerald.

alohameet 128

Nick Patel. The one memory that sticks out the most with you is the time we played basketball at one of our BBQs. We all picked teams and the team you were on someone complained that it was a bad match up. You told them to “shut up and let’s play”. Literally 10-15 minutes later, you beat my team in your fucking sandals. In sandals for God sakes, you were making it rain 3’s like a rich virgin with dollar bills at a strip club. That was probably the coolest shit ever that day. Good luck with your career in Ventura County, I’m sure you will love not having to micro manage anymore.

alohameet 207

The dude in the green being hugged is Charles Lam. He’s moving to Amsterdam for a job in a couple of months. I’m going to miss going to coffee shops with this smooth talker. What I’m not going to miss is the smell of cigars at any automotive related event. Well, I might miss it a bit.

Thank you to everyone who came out and not doing stupid shit to get us kicked out. This meet was for Sara, but we had already planned a while ago to throw a meet for all the homies to get together one last time to where we all originally met. I am going to miss all you fuckers. Aloha for now.

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