Roll Up

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After months of preparation and planning it was finally time to cruise out to our Vegas anniversary meet. We met up early as usual just to beat the Friday morning traffic and to get the McDonald’s morning menu. The whole morning I was extremely stressed because the house that we rented never sent me an email on how to check in and we were going to be in Vegas in 3 hours. I was also stressing on how I was going to fit all of the booth stuff to fit in my tiny Honda CRV, but luckily the lady finally emailed me on how to get into the house and I was able to split up all of the booth stuff into people’s cars.  With all of the problems solved, we were on the road to Vegas!

Roll Up 006

Tul let Rodney take his car while he was in Vegas. Rodney left before we left my house but we somehow caught up to him on the freeway. It’s either Subaru are slow af or Rodney is a slow driver.

Roll Up 027

Met up with the prince on the freeway and he was slowing traffic down like crazy because of how many necks he was breaking.

Roll Up 032

Broke my neck as well.

Roll Up 043

If Barney could fit into a Lexus GS300 this would be his ride.

Roll Up 047

I love you, you love me, let’s wrap all the cars the color of Barney.

Roll Up 055

All jokes aside, this wrap looks pretty damn good. Kudos to Abbitt and if you guys are interested in getting your car wrapped hit up AW Stickers!

Roll Up 056

The drift boy wonder cruising with no bumper. He normally cruises with a missing piece of his car.

Roll Up 057

Rocky’s Mazda 3 is still a work in progress but he brought it out anyways just so he could cruise with us.

Roll Up 059

Ariana Grande rolling up and breaking necks at the meet up spot.

Roll Up 060

Nick’s ever so clean SC400.

Roll Up 063

Neel’s LS400.

Roll Up 087

Phat decided to take the Benzo out instead of the Porsche.

Roll Up 097

Barney being chased by some paparazzi. The next set of photos will just be rolling shots…. Enjoy!

Roll Up 118

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Roll Up 566

After a couple of hours of cruising, we needed to take a pee break. Here we have a Vinh leading the way because of Rica’s small bladder.

Roll Up 575

Ryo was extremely happy to go to a restroom where you won’t get groped like in Japan.

Roll Up 576

Damn this wrap looks good.

Roll Up 577

Roll Up 579

W H I T E.

Roll Up 586

The trance style 350z.

Roll Up 589

Weird to see Keith in an Accord again.

Roll Up 591

Also weird to see Jimmy back on a set of Equips. Must be throwback Thursday or some shit.

Roll Up 594

Everyone searching for Vinh’s battery. Hint it’s in the back seat.

Roll Up 597

The prince is tired of your shit.

Roll Up 598

Aaron’s car ran out of gas at the stop. His fuel meter doesn’t work so he didn’t know he was running on empty.

Roll Up 601

I’m not sure what was the reason for this..

Roll Up 613

Roll Up 615

The real housewives of Royal Origin.

Roll Up 616

Still looking for that battery…

Roll Up 620

First time ever seeing Vinh’s car in immaculate shape. Usually there is paint missing on the front bumper, the front lip is broken or the fenders are fucked. Great to see Ariana Grande in great form.

Roll Up 623

Jimmy and Big Vinh welcoming Vinh to the 714 crew. Yes, there are too many niggas named Vinh..

Roll Up 625

Dessert storm.

Roll Up 639

Roll Up 700

Shitty things about the newer cars is the tabs. It breaks so easily and comes off when you’re driving at high speeds.

Roll Up 704

Roll Up 756

That’s it for now, check back for more shenanigans.

As always there are a lot more photos in the galleria below.



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