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It was finally here, the day of our departure to Japan. We were all pretty anxious to go to a place where we didn’t know much about the culture and we would have to deal with a huge language barrier. I wanted to learn as much as I could about the Japanese culture and I believe you can’t really learn a culture until you submerge yourself into it. Reading it on google isn’t going to teach you as much it would living in the culture. Throughout my post about Japan, I will try to get into detail about things you should know if you ever decide to visit.

IMG_1238 copy

John and Keith were ready for our 12 hour flight. Good thing Singapore Airlines had every single Fast and Furious movie available to watch.

IMG_1240 copy

We arrived in Japan around 10:00pm also known as 2200. The time is mostly displayed in military hours in Japan. Since the train stations close at 0000 hours we had to figure out the system pretty quick. It wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be since everything is color coded and the train station workers are extremely helpful.

IMG_1247 copy

Our home for the next 3 days, the homes in Japan were made for compact living.

IMG_1248 copy

Kitchen, dining room and living room.

IMG_1251 copy

A pretty nifty parking setup.

IMG_1255 copy

One of those cool vending machines I always see online. These machines become a daily ritual here. I don’t think we spent a day where we didn’t buy something from these vending machines.

IMG_1258 copy

They also had one for cigarettes.

IMG_1260 copy

Our first day exploring Shibuya and Ebisu.

IMG_1262 copy

Seemed like there wasn’t much going on in the morning, it was mostly commuters trying to get to work on time.

IMG_1264 copy

Our very first car spotting, you don’t know how excited we were to see this Chaser.

IMG_1266 copy

It was kind of beat up, but seeing this car out of no where got us all riled up.

IMG_1267 copy

Drift scars.

IMG_1276 copy

Really long rivers streaming through out the city.

IMG_1278 copy

We took the wrong turn and ended up at a small cemetery.

IMG_1285 copy

Cool intersection crossing.

IMG_1288 copy


IMG_1290 copy

Quiet little park in the city.

IMG_1291 copy

Even had a pond so you can do some pondering about life.

IMG_1296 copy

Wish I had a basketball to play.

IMG_1297 copy

IMG_1303 copy

Our first time visiting a convenience store and damn we were impressed with all the food they had to offer. So, there are about 4 major convenience stores in Japan : Sunkust, Lawson, 7-11 and Family Mart. They sell about everything you can ask for at these stores from street food to lotion for mosquito bites. I was told people basically live by these stores because you can also pay your bills at these stores and your bills are instantly paid too. 7-11 would be the best place for foreigners because they have a ATM machine that you can use for U.S. banks.

IMG_1306 copy

A pork cutlet egg sandwich for only 230 yen = $2.30. The easiest way to learn the pricing of everything for Americans is to take two zeros out of the price. So, if something is 10000 yen take out two zeros and it would be $100.

IMG_1308 copy

Japanese drinks from wall to wall.

IMG_1310 copy

John and Keith devouring the snacks we got from the convenience store.

IMG_1324 copy

Long alley ways where most of the scary things happen in Japanese movies.

IMG_1330 copy

For a long time we thought most of the restaurants were closed because we thought the sliding doors were automatic. Turns out that these doors had a button to press for it to open….

IMG_1338 copy

Upon entering we were faced with this machine, which is used to order food. It’s a ticket machine and you choose what you want and get a ticket to give to the chef.

IMG_1339 copy

This would be the ticket to give the chef.

IMG_1342 copy

With that ticket you get some of these delicious food.

IMG_1343 copy

I believe I got udon even though I was aiming for the curry pork cutlet.

IMG_1351 copy

After our meal we somehow ended up at a arcade that was filled with pachinkos(slot machines).

IMG_1357 copy

Keith and John sharing an intimate moment at a little book store.

IMG_1358 copy

RWB on the cover of the 911 Porsche magazine. It’s cool in Japan they have magazines dedicated to specific hobbies or certain cars.

IMG_1362 copy

John real excited to be in Japan.

IMG_1379 copy

This little hip kick it spot is a Mc Donalds.

IMG_1382 copy

Peper lunch!! It was weird seeing so many around the city because in the states there’s only one and it’s in Milpitas, CA.

IMG_1384 copy

Made it to the famous Shibuya crossing.

IMG_1389 copy

This is what I enjoyed the most about Japan, being able to walk through the city.

IMG_1398 copy

A legit Mario Kart setup. We just had to play it.

IMG_1400 copy

Traveled 6,000 miles to go eat at Outback Steakhouse.

IMG_1402 copy

Matt gave me some stickers of his new company Street Faction to sticker bomb Japan.

IMG_1405 copy

Walking down a sketchy hallway that lead us down four flights of stairs..

IMG_1407 copy

The hall way lead us to a place that sold manga and manga collectibles. Manga are comics created in Japan. In Japan, people of all ages read manga. The medium includes works in a broad range of genres: action-adventure, romance, sports and games, historical drama, comedy, science fiction and fantasy, mystery, suspense, detective, horror, sexuality, and business/commerce, among others.

IMG_1412 copy

A library of manga…

IMG_1429 copy

We randomly found the Bape store in Shibuya while exploring.

IMG_1421 copy

A colorful light show in the hallway as you enter the store.

IMG_1423 copy

Shoes were being displayed on a conveyor belt.

IMG_1424 copy

If I had money to blow, I would’ve bought the $300 sunglasses.

IMG_1441 copy

More stairs… This time in neon yellow.

IMG_1434 copy

After walking up and down so many stairs, we decided to take a break at a yogurt shop. I got this crepe and it had so much flavor in it! I later learned that milk in Japan has a higher percentage or something. It makes milk in America taste like water.

IMG_1450 copy

The coolest thing about Shibuya is seeing cute girls every 2 minutes.

IMG_1452 copy

The statue of Hachiko! The dog that waited everyday for his owner at Shibuya station even after his death he was still waiting.

IMG_1455 copy

I would randomly spot cars with cool rims.

IMG_1466 copy

We thought we were walking into a revolving sushi bar, but then we were faced with this….

IMG_1461 copy

A computer that you order your sushi from. It had an english menu too, so it was easy to order food.

IMG_1462 copy

After you complete your order, the food shoots out on this rail. You can see it happen on my Instagram..

IMG_1465 copy

After taking the plates off you press the angry yellow face button and the tray goes back to the kitchen.

IMG_1458 copy

The sushi tasted so fresh!

IMG_1459 copy

Baked salmon with mayonnaise.

IMG_1460 copy

Each plate was only a 100($1) yen too!

IMG_1467 copy

Time for some more exploring..

IMG_1473 copy

Found Luigi on his last leg, now working as a promoter for a supermarket. It must have been hard when Mario died.

IMG_1476 copy

Out of fucking nowhere the grudge chick appears..

IMG_1483 copy

Rich people swag, blocking the roads and just chillin’.

IMG_1485 copy

It turned night pretty quick and that only meant the day was just beginning. Abbitt’s friend Zee was going to be picking us up to go to a local car meet.

IMG_1490 copy

Keith quenching his thirst before going to the meet. Next post will be about the Lowbrain rest stop meet… Stay tuned..


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