Japanese Anal Beads

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Lowballers Japan and peeps from Fatlace came to visit so we wanted to show them a good time and throw a little meet for them. This meet was only promoted on the morning of and we didn’t even say it was a car meet. We only posted a photo of Yoshi and some anal beads for the event. Surprisingly, there were quite a few cars that came out.

lbjp 121

 R’s Tuning widebody M3 looks so sick.

lbjp 129

Static CRZ, this thing rolls hard.

lbjp 132

Ron’s clean E46 on Work Equips.

lbjp 136

 Boss Company reppin’. Kevin’s bagged GS300.

lbjp 192

 Special parking for Jimmy.

lbjp 140

 Vinh’s LS430 now on Varrstoens.

lbjp 149

Chris’ 350z with a lil more camber up front.

lbjp 154

Kazuki and Masayaki from LB JP.

lbjp 156

Ryo reppin’ Stussy and Illest.

lbjp 158

 Kentaro translating and being useful for once…just kidding! They were telling Kentaro that they welded the suspension together to one of their cars, so there isn’t a shock or a coil over in the suspension. The control arm is just sitting on the frame. Intense!

lbjp 139

 More Boss Companyness.

lbjp 159

 The other Kevin from Boss Company/Sequence.

lbjp 198

Nimo flying in on Filipino time.

lbjp 210

Illest. SF TKO LA.

lbjp 201

 Getting to know each other, shit got gay real quick.

lbjp 218

This green paint was doing it for me. I don’t know why…

lbjp 226

Been seeing this FRS everywhere I go.

lbjp 224

I don’t mind though, I still always check it out as if it was my first time seeing it.

lbjp 221

 Zach has too many cars.

lbjp 189-horz

  Some of the best front fitment at the meet.

 lbjp 231

Thao smiling because she was actually invited.

lbjp 172

 Thao dailys the S13 now so the BN Sports is at home and only comes out for special events.

lbjp 220-horz

Another car that only comes out to special events is the LRG SOUP.

lbjp 182

 and the crowd swarms in.

lbjp 170

 Yoshi, the 2nd translator.

lbjp 161

 Jay getting cray.

lbjp 138

My baby girl…

lbjp 164

 Adam’s dark side.

lbjp 263

 Rolling hard, too bad this shit was blurry.

lbjp 236

 LP JP X RO. It was fun meeting the guys from Japan and hanging with the Fatlace crew. We learned a lot about Japanese culture and their godly ways to get the max camber and max low. Too bad roads here are not as developed compared to Japan’s roads. Good times with like minded people, hope they have a safe trip home and hope to see them soon in their homeland!




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