G35 Sedan and More Japan Meet

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This was quite a while ago, but I’ll throw the photos up anyway. Tanabe USA hosted two events, a G35 meet and a More Japan garage sale/Club 4AG meet. We decided that it would be cool to spend the day doing nothing, but car-related stuff.

Chris decided to slam his mom’s car for the meet using the coilovers from his Z and wheels from Jon’s Subaru. Didn’t come out as well as we expected…

 Awesome G35 on Work Equips.

 FRS on SSR MS3.

 I love these sun shades. I need this in my life.

 2C winning an award, as usual, with his G37.

There was a 1 hour break in between meets, so we decided to go get something to eat at Mitsuwa.

 These little ball things are called Mochi, it’s delicious.

 Looks so real, but it’s plastic.

 Japanese curry is so damn good.

 Keith making that curry his bitch.

 We sat in a little temple thing and ate like real Japanese people.

 Came back for the second meet to spot some pretty cool cars. Here’s Ron’s E46 on Work Equips.

 Rub so hard, it fell into the lip.

 Old school Datsun. The windshield didn’t help much because the driver was too tall.


 Courtney’s SSR SP1’s.


 The Red Unicorn, ridden by the beautiful Noel, showed up and stunned everyone.

 Everyone dropped their jaws seeing this car; it was that awesome.

 I thought this was funny. Shavi, a Hella Flush blogger wearing a CANIBEAT shirt and Noel a CANIBEAT blogger wearing a Hella Flush shirt.

 Veilside NSX…

Lucky guys got a great deal on ENEOS Oil.

 You had to win the raffle to buy these SSR Type-Fs.

 A lot of aftermarket steering wheels.

 Alex checking out some strut bars. Only $50!

Just needs some reupholstering.

Skid plates for sale too!

I wanted these seats so bad…

Collector’s dream.

 Overall, it was a fun day. Thanks to Tanabe USA for throwing two great meets, and the garage sale had so many good deals. Next time, I’ll remember to bring more than $100.

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