Local Beach Burger Meet

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If you like nicely-modded European cars and love bomb burgers, then this car meet is for you. Every Tuesday, there is a Euro car meet hosted at Beach Burgers in Huntington Beach. Alex has been inviting me to go for weeks and I have always been busy, but I finally put in some time to check this meet out.

Some clean V-Dubs hard parked in front of Beach Burgers.

This golf was looking real clean.

With some excellent fitment.

This meet welcomes with open arms non-Euro cars like Chris Foreman’s 350z.

What I really like about Euro styling is that all the cars are never overdone. Always clean fitment and dumped.

Perfect fitment.

Rub so hard, make a new tread line.

Want to run wide fitment, but scared of rubbing? Take the fenders off. Dilemma solved.

This meet was chill, one of those meets where you actually get to know the people. I had a great time and look forward to many more.  Here’s a link to the facebook event:



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