FSR Track Day with LRG SOUP

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The smell of burning asphalt accompanied by the sound of exhausts getting into wide open throttle always makes a great Saturday. Last week, Brendan aka LRG SOUP invited us to the FSR track day, where Brendan tracked his Toyota Supra. He was pretty excited to try out his new setup on the Fontana Speedway track. As soon as we arrived, we noticed Tim’s fresh-out-of-the-shop Supra in the parking lot. Looking real fresh with the new viper red paint job and Enkei NT03s.

Pretty flawless paint job. Big upgrade from the last time we saw it.

Brendan caught in a slow motion walk towards us. Pretty hot.

By the time we arrived, Brendan already did a run and had his car cooling down in the garages.

The interior of a race car driver.

Can you count how many times you see an FSR sticker in this post? Brendan loves FSR.

Fresh ITB setup.

Using the Work Equips for what it was made for, track use.

Double Supra…WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

Brendan visualizing the track for his next run or waiting for one of us to give him Arabian goggles.

There were a lot of other cool cars out that day. Had a plethora of Porches, NSXs, and Miatas.

Brendan rolling up to the track.

We had an eye out for this Porsche; it was over-taking and lapping many cars.

This car seemed like a lot of fun to drive.

Brendan just passing by.

Glad to see the NSX being used instead of locked up inside a garage all day.

Brendan doing work.

Did a quick shoot of Brendan and Tim’s cars after the event was over. The empty track and sunset made for some cool photos.

Photos by Jeff Payuan and Minh Nguyen

Words by Minh Nguyen

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