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As some of you may know, I work for the California Grill Truck and we travel all around the OC serving our Korean BBQ subs. This past weekend, our trip was to Fontana Speedway for a Continental Race event. There was a car show and when I got there one of the organizers thought I was there for the show. I said no, but he asked if I could just park and be part of the show. I was like why not, so I just hard parked at the show and went to work. After everything was over, the organizer told me I won best VIP. I thought that was real funny and it was only because there were like 5 cars at the show. He wanted me to pay for registration and then I would get my award. I didn’t feel ballin’ enough to pay for an award, so I passed on it. Well, that’s my short story for today. Fontana Speedway had some really cool spots to shoot. I usually don’t shoot my own car, but I just had to take this opportunity.


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