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Some photos of our adventures with Koruworks, shout out to Tyler and Shawn for taking us around Yokohama!

The first morning stop in Yokohama was the famous Daikoku parking area. Even if there isn’t a meet being hosted, cool cars still end up coming here.

This old school Lotus looked so unique. I’m not even sure what model it is. Let me know in the comments!

Veilside NSX pulling up.

Spotted Freddie from Auto Fashion on the way to the Auto Fashion Japan show. I wish we were going to that show to see some awesome VIP cars.

Clean Amuse 370z with a Pandem wide body and Work Meisters L1 3P.

The next stop was Moon Eyes Yokohama. It felt like walking into an 80’s movie with all of the vintage cars and the garage setup.

Will I ever be able rock a slick back hair cut and a leather jacket?

If only Ford owners were this cool in America.

Our last stop was ASM Autobacs, a S2000 owners heaven.

This Autobacs sold only Recaro seats and had a spot to work on cars. I didn’t realized how many variations of Recaros there were until now.

The famous ASM S2000 was also on display.

Ending it with the most random thing there, this Hatsune Mikue Z4.


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