Our Favorites at Wekfest Nagoya 2019 | Event Coverage

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Some of our favorites at Wekfest Nagoya 2019..

I’ve been following Seji’s S14 for the longest time ever since Big Country Labs posted his car on their Instagram. This S14 is ridiculous in every way from the wide body to the gigantic Big Country Lab wing and it’s static!

On the other side of the spectrum we have Masaki’s super clean S13. He perfected the clean body look for years now and has keep his car in such pristine condition!

You can’t even tell this sticker is like 6 years old.

Flashy is an understatement for this FD. The gold chrome wrap with the RE-Amemiya kit steals your attention from all the other cars around it.

I rarely see any TL wagons in the states, so seeing this one slammed on wheels caught my attention right away.

Japan just knows how to build 240s. It’s really amazing.

That shift knob is sick, uncomfortable but sick.



Nissan R32 on TE37s with a toy replica. So sick.

This Lotus Espirit is so cool, those formula mesh wheels pair really well with the old school theme. There’s an Espirit for sale near me, I kinda want it now..

No function, all style with this AE-86. Still looks awesome!

My favorites at the show was this line up of FDs with super awesome liviries.

Hiroki’s NSX is so nice from Level One Japan, I believe he won an award too!

Seji’s and this S14 are what kids in America are trying to make their shit boxes into.

Closing it with Yasu’s S2000 it is a subtle execution, but this car so many crazy parts!

My blogging game has been weak, so sorry for the lack of updates! I’ll try to put this as a priority…





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