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The greatest thing that ever happened to me is that I got into modifying cars. Almost every good thing that had happened to me has a connection to me modifying cars. From the friends I’ve made along my life to the bad situations I’ve gotten out of and to the growth that I’ve made in life, all of this has been because of my love for cars and making it low as possible. One of the good things in my life was meeting the J Spirit crew when I was in Japan 4 years ago. It took me a while, but I finally visited them in Oahu, Hawaii. I really wanted to get a chance to shoot the local cars here, so Brandon and Barry planned a shoot for some of the cars that have been built out of Barry’s shop, AP Garage.

Davin, Brandon and Barry planning where we’re going to head to for the photo shoot.

Brandon’s Voltex S2000 on Volk TE-37s. So sick. It’s the twin of Sara’s Voltex S2000.

Brandon’s S2000 got even more sick with our “Scribble” sticker.

No more twinning with Sara, because Brandon’s S2000 just got a lot better.

Barry’s 350z on all polished Work Meisters.

Barry also took out one of his S14s out of the man cave. It was a bit risky since his car wasn’t registered.

It was also risky because this car is stupid low.

We went down the street to get some still shots since finding a spot in Honolulu might be difficult because of a recent incident.  The cops here have been on high alert with pulling over modified cars because of an accident when someone went drifting in the mountains and hit a triathlete. Check out the article here..

Brandon’s S2000 and Barry’s 350z.

Both owned by AP Garage.

Afterwards, we went cruising on H3 which is a popular highway in Hawaii for car enthusiasts.

Man Barry’s S14 looks wild cruising on the freeway.

The sun wasn’t so kind to us today and it started to rain! Good thing I’ve always wanted to do some rain rollers.


Respect the locals.

TE-37 porn.

We were so hungry from shooting on the highway that we went to the Highway Inn for some grinds. We definitely had a mop sesh because Barry and Brandon wanted us to try all the food at Highway Inn. Pictured here are the kalua pork nachos.

Brandon happy he got some guava juice.

Thanks Barry, Brandon and Davin for letting me shoot your cars! We went to the car meet right after we ate, but I can’t release that post until Stance Magazine releases the issue with the photos. So… K den shooooooooooots.


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