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Super D Matsuri has been one of the events I”ve been wanting to go for a long time. It’s a two day grass roots drifting event where you can bring your car to shred it with Naoki Nakamura and Miki Takagi from team Pink Style. The stars finally aligned where I was able to attend this meet and I couldn’t wait to see where America meets Japan in drifting.

When we arrived, we were instantly smacked with a plethora of stylish cars.

Love that cars here drift so low like this Miata from Team Gleam.

Our friend Derek was shredding it.

No competition, just fun.

Finally got to see Auto Factory Realize’s cars in person. They even have a matching tent!

Man this widebody S13 vert looked so sick.

Rodney had already lost some style points and wrecked his bumper before we got there.

Seeing a clean S13 was a rarity here.

Team Storm making people green with envy.

Mike’s freshly painted IS300, too bad Grange was hella dusty.


Palmer’s awesome driving machine.

I finally got into the groove of shooting moving cars and came out with some pretty good shots.

Shout out to Roxy for making me a sandwich!

DK being DK.

AJ’s IS300, sadly we didn’t get to see him in action because the car was having some engine troubles. It still looked good in the paddock tho!

Ready for action.

If there’s no grass in the field, play in the dirt!

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Next time I’ll get a media vest, so I don’t just stay stagnant in one position.



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