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The best part of our trip to Vegas is the drive to Vegas. There’s no better feeling than to be cruising with your homies in their slammed cars, trying to race each other and avoiding getting pulled over by the cops. We met up at our usual spot at the In-N-Out in Hesperia, I’m not even sure why we meet here because In-N-Out doesn’t even open until 10:30 AM.

Jaycray pulled up with his sick Pandem RC on the new Work Meister.

Met up with the rest of the homies at the In-N-Out.

I swapped out the Scaras for the Work Meisters.

Frank’s super clean Miata on Weds Bazerias.

Adry’s widebody IS, Taylor’s LS400 and Rodney’s Cressida.

We made it to our first destination, M Resort for our annual trip to the Studio Buffet.

A mini car meet in the parking lot.

We had a quick fooseball tournament at the hosue and found out Rodney is secret professional.

We went on a off-roading adventure with Vince, Chivas and Aaron. #ROOffRoad

Randomly found a donkey at a gas station.

Chivas lead us to an eerie abandoned house and now I have trouble sleeping.

The next adventure was a spot where you could get a great view of the strip.

Good night Vince!

Angelo said,  “Get out of the house and get some sleep for the meet tomorrow!” Coverage of the meet coming real soon.


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