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I started the day with a surprise text from Aron aka Qsand aka “you done fucked up A-aron” from Vegas. He said he was in town for work training and wanted to get some lunch. He also said he would treat me out since he knows I’m unemployed. So being me, I picked the most expensive thing that I was craving. A non-all you can eat KBBQ spot in Irvine called Honey Pig.

The best thing about Honey Pig is the the cooked kimchi and bean sprouts. Look at all of this magical free glory…

We were by Greddy and I know Kevin basically works 24/7, so we stopped by to see what he was up to.

Turns out they were getting ready for a E36 video shoot with his Pandem E36 and Marq’s recently finished E36.

Kevin also just recently picked up a EG to build for race car things. So nostalgic.

So wide…

It was hard to get some decent rollers since I was just a behind the scenes camera and I didn’t want to get in Vu’s way since he’s the one making a video.

Marq’s bagged E36. Marq is moving to New York in a couple of months for work. Good luck with your new life, deadass b!

Some of my favorite shots from the day. Kevin’s car had some trouble on the way to the next location, so on the way back I got to sneak in some rollers of Marq’s E36 during golden hour.

We ended up finishing the shoot inside Greddy’s garage.

Fun fact, both of these cars were owned by Marq at one point. Obviously it wasn’t as cool like it is now..

Vu putting in work. I can’t wait to see what he has cooking for this video!

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