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I’ve been real busy playing Players Unknown Battleground to be updating this website and I haven’t been taking my camera around me wherever I go. S You guys are just going to have to deal with photos of my dog and my car. The other day I took the old 135MM 1.8 out to play and to get some photos of my dog Kiki.

So much graceful fluffiness.


Man she is so adorable!!

The IS250 looking clean for once.

Shout out to Johnee for the custom dash mat!

Went out to celebrate Vu’s birthday at Nguyen’s Kitchen. Happy Birthday Vu!

Sliders and garlic fries is all I need in life.

I got some premium parking at Orange Circle and decided to get some more photos of the IS250 before I sell it and regret it forever..

$16k obo..


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