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Met up to crack a cold one with the boys, but we had to feed our women too. We got together at Koko’s Chicken for some Korea fried chicken and brew.

This is the i’m happy and falling apart at the same time look.

Shavi was doing the same look.

Put some alcohol in the women, so they would think our jokes would be funnier.

That cheese pull!

Koko’s soy chicken. Bomb!

The best thing about alcohol it causes Julia and Krstina to become more lesbian.



Rich hair club.

The next morning Abbitt, Krstina and Angelo picked me up for an adventure. Kiki wasn’t invited.

Abbitt’s new LX470 and Angelo’s 4runner.

So much space!

We dim sumed before we ventured to the mountains.

Abbitt is a toucher. He’s thinking about all the crazy shit he can do to the LX.

First time off-roading, now addicted.

Angelo doing his part to help water the mountain.

Sharetea to end the day. What a life.


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