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 We had a little surprise birthday party for Abbitt and Vinh again. They have had a tradition of celebrating their birthdays together every year, even though Vinh moved to North Carolina, we still managed to get something done for their birthday.

A dinner with Royal Origin consists of putting each other on blasts and testing the limits of our homosexuality.

Vinh, Clinton and Rica came down from Milpitas just for the birthday dinner.

Both on their phones instead of socializing. Probably texting each other “happy birthday”.

Krstina happy that all of the planning of this surprise birthday is over.

I love whole wheat, my wife and killer Korean dramas.

A ton of delicious entrees from the Recess Room.


We had to have a Filipino person cut the lechon for us. Introducing the lechon girl Rica.

It was too dark to open up the f stop, so the group photo only consisted of Rodney, John and Andy.

It was also Abbitt’s mom’s birthday, so we got her a cake too. *A rare appearance by Walker Wilkerson*

Rodney holds L’s really well.

Where the fuck did that basketball come from?

These facial expressions are priceless.

Happy Birthday to Abbitt and Vinh may your year turn out great as your personalities.


Vu’s Civic lowered on some gram lights.

Spotted Phil’s S2000 on the way to the bar. I can’t believe he’s going to track this thing.


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