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 Being able to go to Japan as many times as I have has been such a blessing. Shout out to my wife Julia for letting me go and taking care of things at home for me. Going to Japan is such a normal occurrence for me that I know how to get around Tokyo without Google maps now and I’m not afraid of not having internet. 

This is the photo that everyone takes to prove that they travel.

First things first, we went to Tsukiji fish market to try eat some fresh raw fish. Even though this is a photo of strawberries.

Grilled scallops and uni! Delicious.

Fresh fish for sale everywhere.

Me and Kevin got a maguro bowl for lunch and it was so good!

So simple, yet so good.

We also stopped by Odaiba mall for some yakisoba noodles. Watching Kevin use chop sticks was funny until he started using it better than me.

I realized I paid for noodles, cabbage, bean sprouts and an egg.

This mall has some levels to this shit.

What most people come here for..

This might be the last time I see the life size Gundam since it’s going to be moved this year.

We met up with Ryo and the creator of the “lowcool” phrase Shingo.

Shingo drives a lowcool Legacy that you might have seen me post about on a previous trip to Japan.

Ryo was driving a customer’s IS that was rocking the Lexon wide body and on Work wheels.


Thanks for dinner Shingo! You are so lowcool.



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