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 This season of being thankful, we are thankful that Abbitt and Krstina decided to host our first RO Friendsgiving. We planned out a pot luck with the most gorgeous variety of food made with love and with us it’s always a fun time when we’re all in one room. dsc03243

Don’t count your chips, share them.

If you were a guest at Krstina’s house, she had a shot with your name on it.


The Luong family came down for Friendsgiving, I’m always happy to see the faces of the people who are beating me in Fantasy Football.


I was happy to see Shavi rocking the sweater I got for him last Christmas.


Aimee is hungry and she’s ready for something Phat.


Pre-game for the huge feast.


Stuffing, mash potatoes, julienne and three different types of mac and cheese.


Meanwhile… Kobe was getting it on with Maui.


Beastiality sex always brings smiles.


Henry acting like he doesn’t enjoy it.




When the shot gets you good.


They placed the tallest guy under the light at the table.


Vinh and Cindy announced that they’re getting married and announced their groomsmen and bridesmaids. Congrats to Vinh and Cindy!


Back to feasting.


There isn’t a photo here where Krstina isn’t holding a shot cup.


Abbitt is the real Anti-Social Social Club.


Rodney’s POV, when your socks cost more than the ramen packet.


5 girls one egg roll.


Vu did a sick bottle flip on top of a Jenga tower, so sick that Nimo yacked all over Abbitt’s living room.

I want to give a big thank you to Abbitt and Krstina again for hosting our firs RO Friendsgiving! Even though 2016 was a tough year for some, I just want to say that we still had a lot to be thankful for from Krstina getting a job in SoCal and buying a home with Abbitt to Cindy saying yes to Vinh, but what I am most thankful for is Karl Benz. Karl Benz is the person who invented the first true automobile. Without him, I would not have the love for cars that I have now, I wouldn’t have met the people in Royal Origin and I wouldn’t have the amazing friends I have today. Thank you Karl Benz and science for a wonderful life.





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