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 Slowly most of us in Royal Origin are converting from slammed cars to lifted trucks and off roading. What an extreme change.. I know, but I guess we’re over scraping and we actually like climbing over big trails and rocks. When it comes to off-roading, camping goes hand in hand, so we decided to go to Pismo Beach to camp and try out Chivas’s new RZR. dsc00417

Chivas’s decked out 4Runner.


Angelo’s 350z still not getting enough love. It’s for sale by the way…

Fueling up before the long trek. Shavi getting down with the leftover chicken nuggets.

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Bonnie ready to go off-roading in the RZR.


We got to Pismo at 1 AM and my Venza got stuck in the stand. Did you know the Venza doesn’t have tow hooks? What the fuck right? Chivas had to pull me out of the stand by my suspension.

The next morning we got to work on our camp site.


Building our kick it spot for tonight.


RZR fun.


Phat brought out his new Wrangler.


So awesome that you can camp right on the beach, the sound of the waves is so soothing.

Loved the campfire vibes. The vibes were so good that Vince fell asleep.


The next morning we had a photo shoot of Chiva’s 4Runner and damn it looked good next to the waves.


Man I want one.


On our way back home, we stopped by Oxnard for Topper’s Pizza. A must try if you’re ever in this area.

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