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 Some crazy things going on recently at Robros Customs. Jason is boosting his Wrangler, so he can drift it. Yup, a Jeep Wrangler for drifting. He outfitted his engine with a Prodigy Performance kit and upgraded from the stock brakes to Willwood Performance brakes.DSC04439

The crazy guy and his project.

Jason has been talking about this project for two years and I’m glad I’m witnessing it first hand his dreams coming true.


A lot of time and hard work being put into making a Jeep a drift car, but I know Jason can make this happen.


Had lunch at By Chloe where everything is vegetarian or vegan. It was surprisingly good for something that wasn’t meat.


Later on that night, I met up with Angelo, Shavi, Justin and Bonnie at the KINOD meet. Angelo and I decided to be the odd bunch of the group and bring out 350Z and IS out.


Justin’s NC that he recently purchased. Not a bad buy.


Bonnie giving us the crazy eye because she was super hungry.


We ended the night eating Jazz Cat and hanging out at the “lair” where we use to hang out back then for hours.


714 to 626 in one day.


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