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 From time to time, we like to go out in the canyons for a nice cruise and today I got a chance to ride with John and see what his Corvette can do. He’s gone away from being a stance/fitment guy and now is all about how his car is going to perform and wants to eventually take it out on the track. DSC07413

John’s Corvette with Forgestar wheels.

We got a heavy breakfast at Anepalco Cafe before heading out. Eating all of this Mexican food was a bad idea before going into the mountains…


Mountain running.

John killing the turns with his Corvette.


We also met up with Jun and Angelo before going ham into Glendora Mountain Road.

Good times hanging out in the middle of the road.


Bonnie really enjoying this cruise.

Had to take this opportunity to take photos of John’s Corvette.


After the end of every cruise at GMR, we always go get Donut Man. Strawberry donuts are the best way to end a fun day.




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