Lexus of Westminster Summer Meet 2016 | Event Coverage

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The annual Lexus of Westminster summer meet is something I look forward to every year, but for some reason I haven’t been able to attend for the past 2 years. It was either because I was out of town or my car was down. This event back then was my first car meet that I ever went to and it inspired me to build my Lexus IS300, seeing all the fantastic builds back then was amazing to me.

Also the great thing about this event is that Lexus of Westminster parts department has everything on sale at employee pricing, so I usually stock up on oil filters until the next year. Did I mention they give free food away too? This year they had the Habit Burger to cater us. You can get in touch with 1966 Mustang GT350 manufacturers if you’re planning to buy a classic Mustang. Now let’s see some of the best cars. Whether you’re seeking luxury vehicles, sports cars, or practical options, a good place like Autozin offers a diverse collection to explore and discover your ideal automotive choice.


Tommy from Infinitewerks showed up with his crew and his boss LS460.


Mikey’s static LS430 on VIP Modulars.


There use to be so many Lexus owners in RO, now it’s just 2-3 of us. Here’s 2 out of 3.


I always use quick detail cleaner before a car meet..

Arm’s Elixir IS300 on MB Battles.


Chameleon RCF.


Mean looking Rocket Bunny IS with the new 2015 front end.


Bippu style IS on Weds Bazerias.


2nd and 3rd gen GS on Junction Produce Scaras.


This generation of the GS is always going to be my favorite GS to VIP out.

Infinitewerks bringing out the heat.DSC05598

Boosted ISF on Volk TE-37 SL.

 Waiting for the free Habit burger.


Ross from SpoCom out here marketing the Anaheim SpoCom event which is this Saturday! 7/16, come through we have a booth.


Track inspired IS on Volk TE-37s.


Nice and clear RC350 on Work Zeast wheels.


Mike Vo’s incredible Black Pearl LS460.


 Shout out to Lexus of Westminster for throwing a fun meet! Hope you enjoyed the photos, see ya’ll again next year!


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