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 Lately, I’ve been making a lot of trips out to Vegas, mainly because I’ve been helping my wife move her belongings from Vegas to SoCal. When I’m not helping her pack her stuff, I found time to hang out with the Vegas locals.


Nimo picked me up and we went to PT’s for some chicken wings with the homies. I spotted Vince’s slammed Integra in the parking lot and had to take some snaps.


Nimo living the trap life and always looking tired as fuck.


The next day, I had lunch with my wife and her best friend Julia, who happens to have the same name as her and they’re both from Russia.


We ate sushi at Sushi Fever and they had some interesting rolls like this one that is buried in a salad. This roll is the There’s Something About Ally.


This is with the salad taken off.

DSC01243 DSC01246

This next roll is the Nuclear roll which is drenched in sauce and fried onions.

DSC01249 DSC02948

We didn’t have anything planned for the day and thought we should go check out the Seven Magical Mountains.


Crazy that a bunch of colorful rocks can grab so much attention.

DSC02969 DSC02978

Julia made some art too. Hopefully it gets recognized when people are in the area.


Peace out Seven Magical Mountains.

T1-(May 15, 2016 09-41 PM)SONY ILCE-7SM23625

Our next destination was the Stratosphere, I’ve never been and Julia said we should go and check it out.

T1-(May 15, 2016 09-42 PM)SONY ILCE-7SM23631

Emotional look out with Julia.

T1-(May 15, 2016 09-46 PM)SONY ILCE-7SM23649

The view was not what I expected when we got to the top. I wish the buildings closer to the Stratosphere were lit up.

T1-(May 15, 2016 09-44 PM)SONY ILCE-7SM2

All the light touches is yours Simba, except the buildings closest to you.

T1-(May 15, 2016 09-54 PM)SONY ILCE-7SM23688

T1-(May 15, 2016 10-05 PM)SONY ILCE-7SM23719

My model wife.

T1-(May 15, 2016 09-58 PM)SONY ILCE-7SM23711

T1-(May 15, 2016 10-10 PM)SONY ILCE-7SM2

That look…

Happy wife, happy life.


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