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The best two words you can tell me is “Let’s Eat!”. I’ve been on a food binge lately and it’s mostly because I try to eat like shit only on the weekends now. So, when the opportunity rises to go get some good food, I always say yes.

Spent my lunch with Rodney eating Mick’s Karma Bar and got a Habanero burger of course with a strawberry basil lemonade.

Afterwards, we tried this nitrogen ice cream spot near my house that puts dry ice in a bottom cup to give this smokey effects. Neat, but the ice cream wasn’t that good.


Met up Vinh at Pho 79 for their special oxtail meat. So fucking delicious.


Vinh about to fuck his whole day up with all the stuff he’s going to eat.


Afterwards, we met up at Ky’s house to check out how his GS is doing. This guy moves quick!


Later on we got tacos at Taco Factory and we were slightly disappointed with the meat quality.


This is Vinh’s disappointed sex hair look.


Swung by Abbitt’s to see how he was doing with his truck. All we do is eat and work on cars.

I got the call from Rodney to go get After’s ice cream in his area to make up for the disappointing nitrogen ice cream we had earlier in the day.


Always satisfying to eat a Milky Bun.

Food and cars.


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