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Wekfest Long Beach 2016 | Event Coverage

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Wekfest Long Beach has been one of the premier shows to attend for car show goers in Southern California. Every year we try our best to come out to support the Wekfest tour because the show usually has good vibes and a lot of people get a chance to come buy stuff from us in person at our booths. The days before Wekfest is usually a struggle for most of us, but this year most of us had no problems with our cars and the most we had to do was wash it.


Jason getting the GTR all cleaned up for tomorrow’s event.


That shine! It’s crazy that Jason had his hand in all of the parts of the GTR, from the air suspension to painting and installing the Liberty Walk kit.

Check out this video of Jason painting his car with JDM Chemicals soap.


Reppin’ from OC to LV.


We had an early roll in time because we had to set up as vendors, good thing we had awesome cars like Chris’s 991 turbo to check out.


Chris owns the first and only 991 Turbo “Cup” car.

DSC03434 DSC03436

John actually washed his car for a car show. Weird.

DSC03438 DSC03439

Lots of nice cars rolling in to the show.


Derek and Jimmy representing the few and last of the “static” boyz.

DSC03442 DSC03444

Clean S2000 on Work CR-Ultimates.


Brendan on a last minute whim decided to show the Supra. Must be nice to have a sick car to show at Wekfest without planning it.

DSC03450 DSC03451

More photos of John’s Corvette because he was the closest to me in line.

DSC03452 DSC03453 DSC03456

My IS looks pretty clean even without a wash.

DSC03458 DSC03461 DSC03462

Glad we got to use the under passage to get into Wekfest this year because the other years we’ve been getting stuck on that small driveway into the grass fields.

DSC03464 DSC03470 DSC03472 DSC03474 DSC03476 DSC03477

Allen and his bagged 350z on Vishnu wheels rolled in all fresh and clean.


Another sick 350z from the Low n Slow crew all the way from Vegas.


The wide body kit and the wide Work Equips look great on this Z.

DSC03482 DSC03483

The owner of this C-West EVO was so polite and cleared out the driveway for others to get through smoother.

DSC03491 DSC03495

Arm making sure he doesn’t fuck up his rare Elixir front bumper.

DSC03501 DSC03505

Men going ape shit over this RX8 with a rotary swap.

DSC03508 DSC03510 DSC03512 DSC03514 DSC03515 DSC03518

Liberty Walk Charger from VIP Modulars. It looked like there were a slew of Liberty Walk Chargers at this show.

DSC03523 DSC03524 DSC03526 DSC03546 DSC03548 DSC03559

Brian and his freshly painted S2000 on Volk TE-37s.

DSC03583 DSC03585 DSC03720

DSC03721 DSC03722

That paint on this Subaru is fantastic.


Mikey’s Spoon inspired Porsche on Rotiform SIX.

DSC03725 DSC03726

Mikey’s Porsche twin, Darren’s GT3.

DSC03727 DSC03728 DSC03730

Yogi’s widebody GS representing Phaze 2 and BCD tofu.


Just like Japan, we had some show worthy cars out in the parking lot. DSC03735 DSC03736 DSC03737 DSC03739 DSC03741

Drew’s LS400 from the LOWBALLERS.


Kyoei and Air Runner brought out an array of their infamous VIP cars.

DSC03744 DSC03748 DSC03751 DSC03753

They also brought out this model who looks like she got a set of bags installed too.

DSC03755 DSC03758 DSC03760 DSC03762

Perfectly executed Odyssey from Style 63.


Our friend Lawrence showed with us and brought out his E28 on BBS RS. He had some trouble with his master cylinder going out, but luckily we were able to get him some fluids in time for him to roll into the show.

DSC03767 DSC03771 DSC03776 DSC03777

Mike Vo from MV Wrap’s Black Pearl LS. Pretty amazing what he has done to this car with everything about this car fully customized by himself.


Chris from Outcast Garage’s G35 on AIM wheels(yes, AOL instant messenger(yes, only 90 kids will get it)(yes, a side note within a side note).

DSC03781 DSC03782 DSC03834

Heather and Nat seeing how they’ll look as MILFs in the future with our ‘Scribble’ dad hats.

DSC03837 DSC03840

Angelo is ready for the awards.


As the awards were being announced, I went around to get photos just because there wouldn’t be a crowd.

DSC03855 DSC03857

DSC03859 DSC03862 DSC03863DSC03866

Perfection in this S2000.

DSC03868 DSC03870 DSC03871 DSC03874 DSC03875 DSC03877 DSC03878 DSC03880 DSC03882 DSC03884 DSC03886 DSC03913

Tommy’s LS460 from Infinitewerks.


Central Pine bringing the heat with their Japan VIP inspired Q45s.


So much static, so much camber and so much wow.

DSC03925 DSC03930 DSC03933 DSC03936

The roll out begins.

DSC03938 DSC03942

Mikey’s LS430, still crazy to see this thing roll.

DSC03945 DSC03947DSC03952 DSC03954 DSC03956 DSC03958

It was a good day full of good vibes and interesting situations such as Nimo getting kicked out for having alcohol in his red cup, some stalker guy coming by the booth looking for Hayle, people drawing on the show cars because of the dust and knowing this was the last show that Wekfest will have it at the Queen Mary made it an eventful day. So long Queen Mary, it was fun having a car show by the water, but I’m not going to miss your shitty driveways and dried up grass.


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