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A little throwback from our caravan to Vegas for our Anniversary meet. This year we decided to have an open caravan to Vegas, but sadly only 3-4 cars from our group made it this year when we usually have a flurry of 20+ cars. We’re just getting older and other responsibilities are taking us away from our cars. I’m still glad that some new people came out to our caravan and we want to thank all of the people who decided to cruise with us for coming out.


Kevin’s S2000 and the Greddy Ben Sopra GTR.


It’s been 3 months since I took this photo, so I forgot the owner’s name, but his FD was clean and it sounded awesome on the 15 freeway.


The homie Allen, brought out his 350z from Low N Slow.


You can see that he supports our friends from Super Kawaii.

DSC08900 DSC08923

Mikey brought out his static LS430 on VIP Modulars. It was ridiculous seeing this car cruise the 400 miles to Vegas.

DSC08927 DSC08929 DSC09021 DSC09023


Surprisingly, Mikey was keeping up with the Greddy GTR. Kenji was at the helm and breaking necks on the 15 freeway.

DSC08953 DSC08958 DSC08964 DSC08967 DSC08983 DSC08989 DSC08997

Bruno Mars is really humble and brought out his E39.

DSC09009 DSC09012 DSC09027

Mikey ended up getting a blow out, so we stopped on the side of the freeway to help out. Six highway patrol rolled up on us and only let one car to stay behind to help Mikey. I don’t have a photo of the situation, so here’s a photo of Allen’s 350z.


Nimo meet us at Prim to escort us into Las Vegas.


E39 bros.

DSC09064 DSC09068 DSC09071 DSC09083 DSC09094 DSC09121

We made it to the M Buffet with minimal casualties. Marq is ready to get his grub on.

DSC09124 Abbitt’s face though when he has cookies..


We met up with the Lowballers for a sunset photo shoot. Photos from that will be coming soon..


After the shoot, we went to Shack Shake for dinner. Check out Jeff’s face when he sees his food.


Preppin his sauce for his burger.


Marq giving the fat shocker.


Anti Social.


Social Club.


I got the double shack burger. Melts in your mouth not in the bun.

DSC09264 DSC09266

Shake Shack is so good, Jeff ordered two burgers. I’ll end it with this food porn and hopefully I’ll get more posts out. Hopefully…


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