Late Night Hangs | Catching Up with The Royals

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I don’t know if it’s just me, but lately I’ve been feeling more alive at night. During the day it’s just so hot, that all I want to do is lay in bed and hug a gigantic ice cube to sleep. Although I’m always home, my friends know that the only reason I would leave my house is for food. Ryan Gold was in the area and we decided to meet him up for dinner.


John came and met me up in the Vette.


Ryan’s been super busy with his shop, RR Motorworks in Santa Barbara and doesn’t have the time to hang with us as much as before.

Ryan also grew an epic beard and looks like he could be John’s dad.


We’re always at Tastea.


Ryan had a two hour drive home and wanted to get home early to watch videos on how to grow a longer beard. So, we decided to go check out this car meet in the next plaza.


R32 on Work XD9s.


Super Kawaii S2000 on Work Meisters.


We ended the night with Mae’s Cafe for some breakfast food. We hard parked in front with Rodney’s BMW 5 series, my IS250 and Angelo’s Exterra.


Family time is the best time.


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