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The Unveil of Sung Kang’s GReddy Powered FuguZ S30 | Photo Gallery

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That one Friday night on October 30, 2015, we were granted the honors of visiting the GReddy Performance reveal party of Sung Kang’s Datsun FuguZ S30 project. I was wrong for calling it a Z31, ma bad! I learned something new. Lol. Right when the crew got in, it was party time! Not only there were food trucks of fresh dinner and dessert and an open bar, but we got to enjoy it all with old and new friends. Follow us on Snapchat @RoyalOriginBTS to see how we enjoy our meals. Lol. Enough talkin’ now – let’s get to the shitty ass pics…stupid Wetransfer quality.

It was quite welcoming to see how lit Ken Gushi’s car is up front…

“Welcome to GReddy, my friends. Let us take you to this beast,” says the Gush himself.

“Hold up! First, lemme give you guys the ‘just the tip‘ of this bad boy,” says Kenji at GReddy Performance. Just kidding. “Let’s now introduce the owner of the vehicle, Mr. Sung Kang,” announced Kenji as eGarage is at full force!

There he is!

We can’t forget about Mike!

Let’s reveal this puppy!



Let’s hear the ITB’d RB26DE purr away now shall we, Sung?

Vu doing some HOODRATstuff on our @RoyalOriginBTS Snapchat. Lol.

And she’s alive!

“It’s a great honor and experience to capture moments like this,” mentioned Sparkle. “She sounds so beautiful!”

It is my first time ever to see ITB’s on an RB26DE. Where the fuck was I my whole life?

Success – congrats Sung and GReddy team!


Dem TE’s doe…

Shitty ass capture of the harness, but those Takatas make it an okay photo. I love Takatas!

It was lit, FAM!

In case you are wondering what a stock version looks like, let’s take a look over to the left with the owner explaining how rare this masterpiece is now a days.

There were some other Nissan/Datsuns on display as well!

Jofel from Super Street thinks she’s pretty Sarap herself. Looks good from likod, huh Jofel? 😉

Some BTS of Jofel and colleague puttin’ in work, interviewing the man himself.

HOODRATstuff with Minh and Vu.

And for the ladies, WYA?

Dreamer 77…shop.royal-origin.com for our Fall 2015 snapbacks.

And shouts to the owner of this C10 out in the parking lot. Pimpen’ aint easy.

See more of this car as they debut it at the GReddy booth at SEMA 2015. Thank you GReddy Performance and Sung Kang for the hospitality. See you guys in Vegas next week – congrats and good luck on your drive, Sung!

-Celso Nimo

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