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The type of friends I have around me are the ones that you can just call up and in a moments notice, you’re on the way to an adventure in Malibu. This is exactly what happened when Jenn a.k.a “fortheloveoficecream” hit me up to go on a mini hike in Malibu.

015 (3)

Before dealing with the LA traffic, we decided to stop by Papa Cristo’s to fill up our empty stomachs.

001 (3)

Sketch back entrance into Papa Cristo’s.

012 (3)

Papa Cristo’s is a sit down restaurant where you order your food from the kitchen and they bring it out to you to your table.

004 (3)

005 (3)

I got the lamb gyro, which was excellent. The meat looked dry, but it was very moist.

010 (3)

008 (4)

Jenn eating her rabbit food.

006 (3)

BBQ Chicken pizza.

003 (3)

Fresh Greek bakery goods.

016 (3)

Cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway, watching the sunsets and being stuck in traffic was amazing. 021 (3)

We finally made it to El Matador beach and boy was it a beautiful sight.

122 (2)

The colors of the beach gave me so much feels.

127 (2)

Jenn getting in the way of my photo of the beach.

118 (2)

115 (2)

105 (2)

Trying to get a little mermaid photo, but those waves in the background were intense.

099 (2)

079 (2)

“Wow, rocks!”

070 (2)

065 (2)

So these are the famous caves of El Matador beach.

060 (2)

Ugly feet.

059 (2)

“When bae is a sneaker head too”

056 (2)

053 (2)

052 (2)

046 (2)

039 (2)

023 (3)

022 (3)

020 (3)

This beach is truly spectacular when you stand at the top of the ridge for the sunsets.

019 (3)

Jferr the explorer.

128 (2)

125 (2)

143 (2)

After a long day of adventuring, we came to a decision to go eat Korean BBQ at Hae Jang Chon.

152 (2)

The thinly sliced pork belly was delicious.

150 (2)

Grill is cleaned with onions!

149 (2)

Galbi and bulgogoi.

148 (2)

Designated cooker.

147 (2)

Can’t go wrong with some brisket.

144 (2)

154 (2)

At the end of the meal, the server comes out and makes some bomb kimchi fried rice for you. Excellent service.

139 (2)

Can’t have a day full of awesome foods without ending it with gelato!

135 (2)

We stopped by Grom for their 100% natural gelato.

136 (2)

Very interesting setup as they cover all of their gelatos.

138 (2)
A little bite more pricey than regular gelato, but it was rich in flavor. I would definitely come back whenever I’m back in Malibu. That’s it for now, see you on the next food adventure.


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