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Being my friend means risking the chance of being obese. That’s why I always say do things in moderation, meaning hang out with me only once a week.

009 (2)Today me and Vinh explored Poke ETC which is extremely close to my work.
015 (2)

A variety of options to choose here at this small market.

014 (2)

012 (2)

I’m pretty sure I’m the reason why Vinh can’t stay on his diet.

011 (2)

Fresh poke.

010 (2)

They had everything from wasabi poke to kimchi poke.

020 (2)

You can buy it by the pound here too!

016 (2)

I ended up getting the aloha combo which comes with your choice of poke and kalua pork. It was delicious for me and I definitely became a fan! I could go here for lunch everyday.

4thstreet 036

Later that night I went downtown and explored Santa Ana with Derek.

4thstreet 035

It always amazes me how graffiti artists paint these walls.

4thstreet 020

Santa Ana has changed immensely over the years with new bars, restaurants and now with the 4th street market, the city is bringing life back into downtown Santa Ana.

4thstreet 032

The outside of 4th Street Market.

4thstreet 031

With a DJ set for your listening pleasure.

4thstreet 030

4thstreet 027

4thstreet 026

4thstreet 024

4thstreet 022

Derek decided to get a Poke Bowl at MAR. I already had poke today, so I opted out for a sandwich.

4thstreet 021


4thstreet 011

Poutine tater tots.

4thstreet 018

4thstreet 015

Stock yard pork belly sandwich.

4thstreet 013

MAR poke bowl.


Some things I ate during the week that couldn’t stand on it’s own post, but the photos are really good.

034 (2)

Chamoy at Zero Degrees Italian Ice.

033 (2)

008 (3)

Crispy fried rice and raw shrimp.

Catch ya on the next food adventure!

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