The Last Slammed Sundays

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I hate goodbyes more than I hate eating artificial grape flavored food, but last Sunday we had to say good bye to Illest Orange County. The shop will be shutting down after a year of business in Costa Mesa and there will no longer be anymore Slammed Sundays. Since we were the first ones to host Slammed Sundays last year, it seemed fitting that we would be the ones hosting the last one.

slammedsundays 002

Ryan from Robros Customs GTR and Tim’s Supra.

slammedsundays 003

These Rotiform CSW’s look crazy on his GTR.

slammedsundays 005

The majority of cars in Royal Origin are red.

slammedsundays 007

Jerald’s RSX and Brendan’s Supra.

slammedsundays 145

slammedsundays 009

slammedsundays 015

A rare appearance from Jeff, this guy has been missing ever since he got a kid.

slammedsundays 012


slammedsundays 013

The day’s entertainment was watching slammed cars go up the drive way.

slammedsundays 017

slammedsundays 014

Casey’s Cressida.

slammedsundays 019

Packed house of people shopping for some deals at Illest. David be like “I get this for free”.

slammedsundays 024

slammedsundays 023

Henry trying to figure out how to turn on the pancake machine.

slammedsundays 027

Clean S13 coupe on Cosmis Racing Wheels.

slammedsundays 028

My favorite part of this 8th gen Civic is the diffuser.

slammedsundays 029

Sean’s super slammed G35.

slammedsundays 030

Todd’s Minty xB.

slammedsundays 031

More VIP goodies coming into the lot.

slammedsundays 033

People coming together to enjoy cars. That’s what it’s all about.

slammedsundays 036

The internet fell apart when this car came up to the lot.

slammedsundays 038

Liberty Walk 458.

slammedsundays 040

slammedsundays 041

Boogs and the Project Zero tribe came all the way from San Diego for the meet.

slammedsundays 042

slammedsundays 043

slammedsundays 044

A bagged S2000 that Matt from Street Faction recently worked on, also sporting some Avant Garde wheels.

slammedsundays 045

Damn AJ’s LS400’s paint is shiny.

slammedsundays 046

slammedsundays 047

slammedsundays 048

Had a quick lunch with these two cuties at Umami Burger.

slammedsundays 053

slammedsundays 050

Have you guys noticed all my shots have been pretty wide? I just recently purchased a 16-35mm and loving it! I missed having a wide angle lens.

slammedsundays 054

FOOD TIP: Get tater tots.

slammedsundays 058

The manly burger.

slammedsundays 060

Back to Slammed Sundays, Kevin arrived with his boss LS400.

slammedsundays 061

slammedsundays 063

Jimmy’s ridiculous Civic on Volk CE28s.

slammedsundays 066

One of my favorite Porsches out right now. The color and body styling is so on point.

slammedsundays 068

Floss Design’s 997 GT3.

slammedsundays 072

slammedsundays 077

slammedsundays 078

slammedsundays 079

slammedsundays 080

slammedsundays 081

There was like a serious stance traffic jam on Randolph avenue because of the Project Zero tribe.

slammedsundays 085

slammedsundays 086

slammedsundays 088

slammedsundays 091

slammedsundays 092

slammedsundays 093

slammedsundays 094

slammedsundays 095

slammedsundays 100

slammedsundays 102

The leader of the traffic jam.

slammedsundays 104

slammedsundays 107

Holy wingstand batman!

slammedsundays 109

slammedsundays 111

slammedsundays 115

slammedsundays 117

slammedsundays 119

slammedsundays 120

slammedsundays 123

slammedsundays 128

slammedsundays 133

slammedsundays 135

slammedsundays 137

slammedsundays 139

slammedsundays 140

slammedsundays 141

slammedsundays 142

slammedsundays 144

slammedsundays 147

slammedsundays 148

slammedsundays 149

This IS300 from Royal Stance is pretty damn low.

slammedsundays 150


slammedsundays 151

slammedsundays 152

slammedsundays 154

slammedsundays 155

slammedsundays 156

slammedsundays 159

slammedsundays 160

slammedsundays 161

slammedsundays 163

slammedsundays 165

slammedsundays 168

slammedsundays 169

slammedsundays 171

 This Genesis coupe looked like something straight out of Japan. Gnarly kit with an even more ridiculous body work.

slammedsundays 172

 So angry, much vent.

slammedsundays 177

slammedsundays 173


slammedsundays 178

 Personally not my style, but I can respect the work that was put into this. Props.

slammedsundays 179

And then we transition to Derek trying to make love to Nabeel’s window.

slammedsundays 183

 Some big booty hoes. Yeah, I’m talking about you Randy.

slammedsundays 189


slammedsundays 191


slammedsundays 192

 So soft and dreamy Vu.

slammedsundays 194

 Bruno Mars made an appearance!

slammedsundays 195


Store was winding down and we started to mess around.

slammedsundays 199

Trixie extremely exicted about going to Instafame Las Vegas that’s why she’s holding onto that flyer so tight.

slammedsundays 201

 Kaki pants crew.

slammedsundays 202

slammedsundays 203

Trixie for hoodratstuff.

slammedsundays 206

slammedsundays 208

 Pho is life and sometimes you need a wing to hold all of your bowls of pho.

slammedsundays 209


slammedsundays 211

 When you illegally download music, this is what Bruno Mars sends you in an email.

slammedsundays 175

Keith wearing his LV murse loud and proud.

slammedsundays 213

 After the meet we decided to take a trip to one of my favorite ice cream shops in Orange County, a la minute.

slammedsundays 216

A la minute is located in Orange circle and is a cool spot to shoot if you want some hipster shots or if you want that Back Street Boys kinda vibe that we tried here…

slammedsundays 255

 Damn killas.

slammedsundays 259

 Glaiza Fierce.

slammedsundays 227

 Jerald and Hayle very intrigued on how nitrogen ice cream is made.

slammedsundays 228

 ICE CREAM TIP: Salted Caramel.

slammedsundays 231


slammedsundays 232

 Deciding on a flavor is one of the toughest decisions in life..

slammedsundays 235


That’s why you mooch off all of your homie’s ice creams and get a taste of everything!

slammedsundays 236

 Weird how we’re all use to this face.

slammedsundays 239


“It’s not green tea, but it’ll do”

slammedsundays 240

slammedsundays 241

slammedsundays 242


This is Marq’s face when he orgasms and when he sees ice cream.

slammedsundays 245


Scheming about stealing some plants.


slammedsundays 247

slammedsundays 250


Lover’s circle.

slammedsundays 253

It’s called lover’s circle because there is a couple on every bench..


slammedsundays 251


Prime example….B&A Built.

slammedsundays 252

slammedsundays 254


I’m going to miss Illest OC, basically helped build that shop from the ground up and definitely had tons of memories there. Here’s to new beginnings..



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