Hoodratstuff with Valerie and Jenn

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Did a little photo shoot with the Nguyen sisters and had them model the classic hoodratstuff tank top.

Jen&Valerie 537 Jen&Valerie 530 Jen&Valerie 526 Jen&Valerie 509 Jen&Valerie 492 Jen&Valerie 487 Jen&Valerie 486 Jen&Valerie 472 Jen&Valerie 469 Jen&Valerie 435 Jen&Valerie 352 Jen&Valerie 195 Jen&Valerie 188 Jen&Valerie 118 Jen&Valerie 087 Jen&Valerie 085 Jen&Valerie 081 Jen&Valerie 076Jen&Valerie 523Jen&Valerie 498 (2)Jen&Valerie 558 Jen&Valerie 009 Jen&Valerie 002Jen&Valerie 558

Hope you enjoyed the photos of these cuties. If you would like to have a shoot done with me email me at

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