More Than Cars: Family Time is the Best Time

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Lets put all the good looking cars aside for a moment and talk about something more than the machines we drive. Behind every car is an individual. They say: that what one chooses to do to their car is a reflection of themselves. In that case, I guess every VIP guy is fat and wears a suit, all the statically slammed guys only wear clothes from the Illest/Fatlace Boutique, and every “functional” guy can recite an Initial D episode word-for-word. All stereotypes and lame jokes aside, its amazing how these cars we modify, whichever style it may portray, can bring us individuals together to have good times and memories.

The night before Autocon, we had a Pre-Christmas party at Garage NGUASS. Well, it was more of a last minute “i still got stuff to put on my car” garage night, but we still managed to get some good bonding time. Royal Origin mom, Jennifer, had organized a pot-luck and Secret Santa gift exchange for us and of course it finished off with some Team NguApex (Minh & myself) beer pong ownage.

“Damn it! I have to get him two gifts?!” Minh played secret santa to his brother.

Kendrama King David was responsible for buying a gift for resident master-mechanic Alex.

Team NguApex don’t joke around when we say we own at beer pong. We went undefeated and trolled the Prince 😀

Though no fireworks went off, no-one won the lotto, and it didn’t rain strippers, the night was still very memorable. There were people out in the NGUASS driveway installing bodykits, adjusting camber and switching out suspension components in 40 degree weather with nothing but a 200-piece tool-set, a flashlight and a 40watt bedside lamp (talk about ghetto eh?). Inside where it was nice and warm, people were giving each other gifts, calling each other out to drink some gross “chocolate milk alcohol,” and enjoying each others rambling conversations. All this, happening all the way until four-o’clock in the morning despite our arrangements to all meet up and caravan at 6:00 AM for the Autocon roll-in.

It’s time like these that inspire all of us to think; “Hmmm, if it wasn’t for my car, I probably would have never met all these people.” No matter what you drive or how you choose to mod it, you’re always bound to meet people. Sometimes you may only become an acquaintance with them, but in other instances you develop relationships with these people that could last a pretty damn long time.

Until next time, let the good times roll, and remember: Family Time is the Best Time.


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